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#166 - byposted
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This whole argument is especially bogus given that the Christmas tree has almost nothing to do with religion in the minds of most Americans. Of which the douche-bag atheistical Jews at American Atheists would whine about, it's easily representative of a secular symbol.

This traditional tree has merely become an icon of having consumer goods under it, not God or Jesus. Tell me, what do you think of when you imagine a Christmas tree? You imagine presents. Religion is an afterthought.
User avatar #175 to #166 - yellowtomatoman
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(12/10/2012) [-]
Delicious food and time well spent with family
Christmas tree --> Christmas ----> Giving and receiving gifts ---> Jesus Christ
Jesus ************* Christ.

To me the spirit of giving gifts is closely related to the birth and eventual death of Jesus Christ as I believe his death saved all of mankind. Though presents are part of the Christmas tradition I don't consider it the biggest part of Christmas.
User avatar #184 to #175 - byposted
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Yes, it all corresponds. But despite what the atheists autism over, national secularism, America has always been traditionally Christian. Prayers used to be said at the beginning of Congress and the US remains majority Christian.

Christmas has been a part of American culture since its founding; it isn't something you can just throw away. May I remind you that the Constitution when it talked about religion was only referencing influence in government, of which no religious establishment has. I'm saying this as a person who doesn't believe in religion: atheists are a societal cancer and should **** off.

Almost all mainstream atheists are ethnic Jews and leftists. Right-wingers such as I have so much disgust over these slobs of fat who claim to represent all people who aren't religious.
User avatar #176 to #175 - yellowtomatoman
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(12/10/2012) [-]
Imagine the arrows pointing up are at Christmas, for some reason FJ does not like space before letters.
User avatar #170 to #166 - certifiedidiot
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(12/10/2012) [-]
I just imagine some of the fondest moments of my childhood, which was a time I didn't know no evil of religion or gave two ***** about it, to me it just reminds me of happier times with my family.