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User avatar #60 - elektra
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(12/10/2012) [-]
And the Lord spake, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once at the number three, being the third number to be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it."
This never fail to make me laugh .
User avatar #72 to #60 - MountainDewMe
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(12/10/2012) [-]
"Right! One! Two! FIVE!"
"Three Sir!"
#70 to #60 - anon id: 4420e8c4
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(12/10/2012) [-]
lost it at "being naughty"