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#15 - givemethesalt (12/10/2012) [-]
Now I can finally use this picture I made.
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So much rage boiling up...
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I ******* hate that Picture. Many Turks in the Town where I went to "Gymnasium" (I´m not sure what it is in America, I guess High school) wore this Sign everywhere. But the ones who wore the Sign were exactly the ones who refused to speak german, hang on to their muslim Traditions like hell and refused to adapt to Germany. Also they yelled around: "Türken-Style macht Deutschland geil" (Turkish-Style makes Germany horny/cool), did behave like they could do what they want, (especially to all the Girls) and talked about how they would make Germany the new Turkey. Don´t understand me wrong, there are many Turkish People I like, those who adapt to german Culture, etc. but the other kind should just be thrown right out of my Country...People who don´t know how to behave shouldn´t be allowed to stay

tl;dr Rage
User avatar #363 to #230 - dummerbaztard (12/10/2012) [-]
Of course this comment has only 5 thumbs while comments like that flag picture get upvoted to heaven.
I hate how nowadays every white person has to be scared to say something against immigrants, or should I say Muslims? Because it seems that it is ok to make jokes about every other race on earth, but GOD BEWARE if someone makes fun of muslims or their ******* god.

I don't understand why so many people think they have to be nice to muslims in Germany (I don't know about the situations in other countries), it's like they can do all the stupid faggatory **** they want and still get away with it.
Why is it racist to hate on criminal scum like many of the turks here are?
If they do **** why am I not allowed to be against them?
User avatar #387 to #363 - vuican (12/10/2012) [-]
Its funny because Its the exact opposite where I live, I feel as though Europe tries too hard not to be "bad" or "wrong" which in turn hurts them in certain situations.
User avatar #373 to #363 - ljxjlos ONLINE (12/10/2012) [-]
That´s exactly my Opinion...I don´t judge people after their Race, i judge them after their behavior. A Person that behaves like an Asshole is an Asshole, no matter if Jew, Aryan, Italian, German, Turkish, etc.
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better version.
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Just now
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no givemethe salt said he can finally use he picture he made but i doubt he made it a long time ago
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oh whoa, so didn't realize you were different people. Deleted
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