Greentext. Taken from /b, worth the read. Today I was drinking with my friend George in a small pub. I am divorced, he is single. the meeting, his girfriend app BBB
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Greentext. Taken from /b, worth the read. Today I was drinking with my friend George in a small pub. I am divorced, he is single. the meeting, his girfriend app

Taken from /b, worth the read

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Today I was drinking with my friend George in a small pub. I am divorced, he is single. the meeting, his girfriend appeared.
My spider sense immediately started tingling, because she looked like a typical "golden youth". I guessed girl' s name was Jessica, and
our conversation was immediately derailed into discussing fashion. Then it switched to discussing money- According to Jessica, George' s elk dollars
per month were a hobo' s income and his Volkswagen Jetta was only good enough fer scrap metal. Bythe time she said that, George was
drunked notice what his beloved ''second half'' was blabbering about.
I, on the other hand, started slowly fuming; was a guy, she would be picking from the :) or already. Having your.? cocktails paid
fer by your boyfriend while talking shit about him and his wallet isjust too much. Yet Jessica kept running her mouth as if it' s nothing special.
Anonymous E 12/ 08/ 12( Sat) 08: 39 No. 8056664 Replies: ::
mile (M in the future): Do you work?
J in the future): Yeah, I' m a financial consultant.
Financial consultant is a polite term for a gossip girl in accounting, in case you didn' t know.
mil: Why are we even talking about money now? Don' t you deal with enough ifthat at work?
rd: Why shouldn' t we? Financial matters are the most accurate reflection office!
mil: Do they reflect relationships as well? Because some people say-
rd (sarcastically): These people are usually . Makes you wondershy.
Here I wanted to mention the phrase "You cannot eat diamonds", tell her about wealth leading to suicides of all young members of Onassis family and countless other examples, but
instantly changed my mind. The likes of her do not think for themselves- They blindly accept terms that fly in their social circles. You need shock therapy to knock some sense into them.
Anonymous Ch 12/ 08/ 12( Sat) 08: 40 No. 8056681 Replies: 2: -] -55546 , nauseated ::
std: All right, let' s talk seriously. How much money per month do you need from George to be completely satisfied? I am talking about real money. not white . mansions and
private islands.
rd: Let me think..- At least TON; pocket money for starters.
I took out a piece of paper and wrote down "Direct Costs - TOOK'
std: All right, what about indirect costs?
rd: Uh, what are those?
A financial consultant who does not know what indirect costs are is comparable to fan who has never heard of Louis Armstrong.
ahll: Don' t you know?" 1" our cell phone money, petrol foryour car [Jessica' s eyes glaze over in delight. I was tempted to ask how many blowjobs she has left before she gets a car), an
expensive item exceeding TOM, your rent, yourfoot and so on.
rd: About three hundred bucks more. I suppose...
std: Thus, we have per month. What will George get forthis money?
rd (giggling): Me.
std: This is not a statement. You are a financial consultant, after all. What exactly will he get?
rd (giggling louder): Sex.
mil: How manytimes per month?
rd (no longer giggling): As many as he can manage!
stat: So you are never on your period, you never get headaches, you are always in the mood?..
Jessica' s smile faded as she understood that she just walked into a trap. Too late. I eat "financial consultants" for breakfast.
Anonymous YE, 12/ 08/ 12( Sat) 0841 No. Replies: ::
rd: Uughh wait,
std: Let' s round that down to 15 times a month. Now, how about cooking and cleaning the house?
rd (angrily): Do I look like a maid to you? If he wants it done, he can hire someone!
std: All right, so it boils down to 15 times a month for . Conditions: shared living quarters. Now let' s market price: it costs roughly per hokuto hire a
decent hooker.
rd: You are comparing me to a HOOKER?!
You said it yourself- 15 times a month for . Or do you think hookers are paid good looks? They are paid services. Can you provide George with
anal sex, oral sex, striptease. roleplaying or BDSM? I don' t think so. For his a month he can have sex IO times with IO different women. He also doesn' t need to
live with them, entertain them and tolerate their bullshit because they will leave are done. The competition has already left you behind, my dear.
I was prepared to grab her hand and twist it in case she decided to slap me. But instead she started sobbing.
I crumpled the paper and threw it into the ashtray:
relationships between people are measured in money and only in money. it ends like it did now: dirty, obscene and in tears. Lecture is over!
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