The Thruth behind the Thalmor. 100% OC. T Ms post contains massive spoilers re[ ated to Skyrim, readon[ y after you game.) consider We greatest game of ad time  Skyrim Thalmor
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The Thruth behind the Thalmor

T Ms post contains massive spoilers
re[ ated to Skyrim, readon[ y after you
consider We greatest game of ad time in
terms , atmosphere and
addictiveness. take most great games,
Skyrim Gias it' sofa's. Clost notable is it' s
easy difficulty and duff story/ hte.
I ‘m here to prove that Skyrim rim a fot
more story to it Wan you mig/ it Wink. By
snowing you a hidden meaning to We
storyline w/ iic/ i cleverly Hid
wifin tpee game.
Lets start offput/ i tpee Dominion.
If you Have at feast for a
few days you they are We
Eff government whio current[ y have
control' over tpee imperials, Pratt on
destroying We Stormcloaks, and gain
control' over Skyrim.
But M/ Hy / iey want to take over
Skyrim in We first fface? alostpeople
would guess to gain more [[ e
over reirei.
But after scouring We internet i nave
somet/ more interesting.
when Natale takes. its place '" [
at the eight camera of the
when the Brass Emmi -
walks nub time E reshaped’
let waker;
5 upon the
the Worm " 50
the Wheel Int
Ens} C. prelim
T hese are We fast fines of We Book of
We Dragonborn (the very_ first book
you encounter in We game). T hese
Towers" are four of We eight
that dot .’Nirn for example:
Che Brass tower is 3\ rubidium, We Red
Tower is (Re( Mountain, TM '
gold tower is We center of T) M
Imperia[ City. _ Tower is We
T) Freat of TM W/ Vor[
T hese Towers act as puffers that keep
T) M dimension that Chairs
resides in) safe. / it of these
Towers become deactivated, m/ mundus
aldrig with .’Nirn.
According to We fore, seven of We
towers have arready Men deactivated
Red mountain erupted, We / nae Gog
Tower Che great war Etc.)
Che on[ y tower that remains is, you
guessed' it.
So what does We [ ameri Dominion have to
do with Wis?
Simple, were originally We offspring
of We eight divines (, (, Mara,
Zenithar Etc.) immortalfear their
parents. T hat affa/ / ien was
god of T rick) tricked
We Eight Divines into creating .
After figuring out what M rim done We eight
tore out Ms Mart anderer it into .’Nirn
which was created' a[ ong wit/ i m/ mundus.
After was created' We Eaves became
And was imprisonment
years past and and Anontard were
At this time most eaves fate as
Except We Dominion, of course.
If We Stormcloaks fose We war, We Snow
Tower wiffle deactivated wiffle
Could' this be a future
TD (DCR: If We Stormcloaks [me We war,
T aerie[ is .
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