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She's actually quite attractive, most people can agree once they get past their hate for twilight. She's even a decent actor, many of the cast members of the twilight movies are good actors but their characters are boring and the writers are ****** , the best actor in the world couldn't shine in those movies. She's pretty funny and charming in interviews I've seen her in too.
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nope. she looks decent but not gorgeous. and hell no she is 100% a TERRIBLE actress. not one thing she is in is even remotely good acting
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No she's actually a terrible actor, I can admit that Robert Pattinson is a good actor, but I have never seen a movie where she was actually "good."
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I didn't say good, I said decent, as in she wouldn't ruin a movie if she was in it. I wasn't talking about Robert Pattinson specifically either, mostly people like Lee Pace that have been in awesome things (for example he's going to be in The Hobbit and he was in Pushing Daisies).
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