The People of Xbox Live. The first of a possible series<br /> part 2: /funny_pictures/429398/The+People+of+Xbox+Live+2/. People of Xbox Live By xdann Enjo the people of xb
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The People of Xbox Live

People of Xbox Live
By xdann
Enjoy :)
I. The little kid
You always see someone who isn' t old enough for
the game they are playing by about 10 years, but
they still think they are cool and think that telling you
that you stink of poo is funny, they you destroy them
with an insult and they cry.
2. The angry
Hey dude
Fuck you
The angry person
is usually a teen,
he hates you for
no apparent
reason and will
probably tell you to
fuck your. mom
3. The mic eater
You will know if
your playing with a
mic eater cause all
you can hear from
them is
its fuckin annoying
4. The cool kid
I play football, I
play guitar and
love Funnyjunk!
The cool kid is someone
who you can actually talk to
and get into a conversation
with, the best person to be
friends with on Xbox
If this turns out to be
cool i' ll make another
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