DAFUQ DID I JUST READ. wat.. mms me to do incest? - ‘reboot Answers ") 91345 My sister wants me to do incest? She asked me if I wanted to, you knew... and new I what
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mms me to do incest? - ‘reboot Answers ") 91345
My sister wants me to do incest?
She asked me if I wanted to, you knew... and new I Feel a bit awkward around her.
She is 18 and I am 15 what do I do?
when rooms not home sometimes she Ines to get mete do sexual things with her
and i kind ct had to one time because she blackmailed ms and said if I didnt she
would tell mom that I' m playing video games siren though I' m grounded in having a D
in math.. she told to massage her breasts and i did.. it felt wrong to touch her breasts
because shes my sister but I dent want to get in siren more trouble because or
playing my psa and she says if I tell room she will tell her playing it... how do I get
my sister to stap??‘?‘ it I don' t really want her to get in trouble either...
and my friend told me shes malty hot and to have sex with her. I knead hint in the
balls and said This gross you '
what the halls wrong with . ? 1.
I know its not "pet me because incest is gmas and illegal ithink... and so is blackmail
and her trying to have Ed)‘. with me at .. I dent want her to get in trouble or
anything but how can i get her to stop???
and my hind is goes... but he wouldn' t tell anyone. he isnt all that bad,. so that
secret is safe- now... my female friends-.. they gossip so I can' t ask them what to
do... and I only have one other male friend. but i dent inflow for sure if i can tell him
what happens and him keep it a secret
please what do i do seriously?
lil months no
Additional Details
and please answer fastly because my more is going to leave to go shopping soon and
my sister is home.. in dent get any good answers i guess it have to ask my mom to
take me with her and give some dumb excuse De "i want to help you shop“ also
though i hate shaping.
lil months no
tweet tell my more or the police because i toire my sister and i dent want her to get in
trouble or jail
Shes malty cool when she doesn' t try to do this stilt. -. which is all the time for the
past Few days....
She aways takes me to movies with her friends. she tales me mammals I want to
go like and sometimes she else picks on up from school during lunch to
go get some food. . so tither's a tr. -wt can get her to step without mom or the
lil months no
everyone is telling his to tel my mom but ifi do that my sister gets in trouble and
maybe in jail or something. what else can i do??? i would rather just let her do what
she wants to his than her being in jail... so what can i do besides either those.
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Why doesn't he just put it in her?
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"your sisters hot."
"that's gross you fag."
#1 - lollyholly
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(12/04/2012) [-]
"that's gross you 3LetterWord"
"that's gross you 3LetterWord"