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#212 - anon id: 156089c0
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The end of the world prediction is a total load of **** and was made up to keep people in fear and have a negative effect, the Mayans say that our consciousness is like season of the Earth, our minds rise and fall, we are at the point now entering what they called "the golden era" which is at the highest point of consciousness. No one know what might happen on this day, nothing at all most likely, and if our consciousness is shifting it will probably be a slow process. One thing that is happening for sure is that our sun will line up with the galactic plane of the milky way. We may have another pole shift which might cause some destruction like what happen to Lemuria and Atlantis, but no one knows. If nothing happenings don't laugh at people who thought something was going to happen, because maybe its a process. No one knows. While you're at it learn about the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantian. (over 13,000 year old tablets discovered which talks about what humans were like prior to the last pole shift).
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