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#209 - ludislavonac
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(12/05/2012) [-]
Even the Mayan chieftains say that this is ********. See the Mayan calendar encompases 25 000 years. That's a ******** of years, that's why the divided it into sections (era's to be exact), each era is a certain amount of time which beggining and end correspond to certain astronomical events. It is also believed that each era corresponds to a certain astrological sign (though I'm not sure which one it is now, I have forggoten and I'm lazy to google now). Anyway 21.12.2012 is only the end of one era, and another one begins, just like our year ends on new years eve and a new one begins the next day (also the world doesn't end but instead we all have a big party)

tl:dr it's all ******** made up by western news agencies and film makers to make a crapload of profit