Think about it. Now go live YOUR life Not claiming OC, credit to the maker, don't know who.. TN HAVE ' minter; THE- find WHAT? Tau iei! ril Wif IF I HAD Tag. up Think about it Now go live YOUR life Not claiming OC credit to the maker don't know who TN HAVE ' minter; THE- find WHAT? Tau iei! ril Wif IF I HAD Tag up
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Think about it

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Think about it. Now go live YOUR life Not claiming OC, credit to the maker, don't know who.. TN HAVE ' minter; THE- find WHAT? Tau iei! ril Wif IF I HAD Tag. up

Now go live YOUR life
Not claiming OC, credit to the maker, don't know who.

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> hey anon, wanna give your opinion?
#2 - gunni
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(12/02/2012) [-]
User avatar #15 to #2 - arsenymous
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Because it's what you want :3?
#4 - duskmane
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(12/02/2012) [-]
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#21 - thisotherdude
Reply +14 123456789123345869
(12/03/2012) [-]
"I want to get laid"

"Then go out and buy a rope"
#22 to #21 - hipsophobadon
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(12/03/2012) [-]
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User avatar #36 to #21 - FJisGAY
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(12/03/2012) [-]
cyber6 <3
#37 to #36 - thisotherdude
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(12/03/2012) [-]
That username, it's glorious.
That username, it's glorious.
#41 to #37 - FJisGAY
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(12/03/2012) [-]
Im glad someone thinks so, it gets mixed feelings
Im glad someone thinks so, it gets mixed feelings
#61 - karidagur
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(12/03/2012) [-]
nah I'm pretty sure it's just because I'm lazy as ****
#89 to #61 - lezbeyan
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(12/03/2012) [-]
#51 - Nutshell
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(12/03/2012) [-]
If I had the life I wanted I wouldn't get raped first of all.

So why aren't you then? There are assholes not getting raped everyday. Why aren't you one of them?

Well it's not that easy.

Get bent. It may not be easy but it's very simple. If you wanted to not get raped bad enough you'd figure out what you had to do to not get it and do it. The fact that you haven't means you don't want to not get raped bad enough.

I feel like I don't want to be raped.

You just want other things more. Like, whatever you're doing whenyou're not focusing on not being raped. What ever it is: reading hanging out, looking for love, whatever-. Not getting raped just isn't as important to you as watching tv or being a "good person" or doing something more "meaningful". You had the choice: Not get raped or X, so, you know you own it.

#77 to #51 - angelious
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(12/03/2012) [-]
thats the "things you cannot affect on"
User avatar #69 to #51 - Fabianz [OP]
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(12/03/2012) [-]
Haha I'm OP and I laughed at this
#16 - bgreenmonster
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(12/03/2012) [-]
This poster (and most of the people that agree with it) have obviously never faced any hardship in their life. I use to believe this until my mother died. Now all I want is her back and for me to be happy. Now tell me, how am I to get my mother back and be happy? This isn't the life I want. I didn't choose for my mother to die. Since it was out of my control I just shouldn't care right? Or atleast that is what this post isn't saying. Besides, if we didn't want bigger and better things then how are we to grow?
#17 to #16 - bgreenmonster
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Or atleast that is what this post *is saying. My bad
#20 to #16 - anon id: 56281f85
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Yes, you can't change your mother’s death. What this is saying is that isn't within your control. And its right, if you continue to grieve over your mother’s death, it will just make you more miserable. Your mother would not have wanted that for you. This comic points out that you are in control of how you feel and what you perceive and what you manifest. You aren’t always control of what happens to you but you are in control of how it affects you, even if you don’t realize it and intentionally control it. Humans are unique in that we have a choice between what happens to us and how we react to it. Only conscious beings can choose between action and reaction.

If you want to grieve your loss more then you want to accept it, appreciate what time you did have and what joy that meant to you, and move on then, that is your choice. You manifest your unhappiness. But It is within your power to honor your mother’s life by not letting the grief of her loss ruin your life.

#24 to #20 - bgreenmonster
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Yes I realize all this. But my main point was that I just really don't like what this post says. Its hard for me to point out exactly why I don't like this post. 1) Maybe because I use to think like this and I grew intolerant of other people complaining (which didn't work out well for me because it made me seem like an ass) 2) I don't like the kind of "cool and wise" imagery used in the post. Its just very cheesy. 3) While I do realize that we have a good amount of control of our lives this post seems to give off the impression that we are to do everything ourselves and anyone who can't be totally independent is below us.
I would like to thank you though for not saying out right that I was wrong or stupid or ignorant(and I'm sure you didn't mean your post in that way and I didn't take it in a negative way). I mean this in a completely honest way. I like the fact that you seem to have chosen your words carefully in order to get your point across. Also just so I don't seem like one of those people who whine and hold on to stuff I will mention that my mother passed away less then a month ago. I've been dependent on my mother through out my entire life (I don't mean to say she babied me but she was a great inspiration). She is the first person that I have ever personally known to have passed so I'm not sure how to deal with it all. The reason why I'm telling you all this is so you realize that there is stuff that can hold you back in what you want.
Another quick point I would like to make is what if you're in an abusive relationship with a parent and constantly being put down? How are you to help yourself then? Anyways I just really disagree with this post
#54 to #24 - anon id: 56281f85
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Yeah, the imagery is a bit cheesy now that you mention it.

Well,I appreciate your civility back, I really do. Many on the internet a can be bad-mannered.

And the thing is, I don’t necessarily disagree with you, and I certainly don’t think you ignorant or stupid, quite the opposite. It’s just different perspectives. It’s probably not really necessary to have complete control about everything, but those people who exercise choice of perspective and decide what and how things affect them, they do Far better than those who allow their indifference to rule how things affect them or even worse, those who allow themselves to be crippled by circumstance.

And you don’t have to be judgmental about whiners and complainers if you don’t want too, once again it’s a matter if you want those people to affect you or not. You get to choose how to feel and act. You can be unaffected if you decide. It does take some effort but it produces better results, so while it isn’t necessarily perfect to the human condition, it seems to be closer to the truth.

I think, if your mother passed away a month ago, it is healthy to grieve and be grieving. At some point, I think even while you grieve, though it is important to find ways to move on, to be stronger, and know that your mother left you and that is an impressive legacy to leave behind. But it’s also important to you to take that responsibility, decide how long you will let this effect you. You’re the only person who can decide.

And As far as the abusive parent thing, I really do believe that would be a hardship but it doesn’t have to hold you back if you don’t want to. You are a product of your genetics, your peer and parental associations, your society, and your choices. And although those other forces are powerful, your choices are the decider in what you become.

I am the master of my fate, I am the captin of my soul. - William Ernest Henley
User avatar #71 to #16 - Fabianz [OP]
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Dude, I'm OP and trust me, everybody, including me, has had hard times. Yours are probably worse though.
User avatar #56 to #16 - daentraya
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(12/03/2012) [-]
My dad died. **** happens. We can only try to get over it.
#45 - psychopilot
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(12/03/2012) [-]
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User avatar #62 - lolollo
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Except you can't control the people around you. It's surprising how easily your hopes and dreams can come crashing down from just one homeless guy with a gun and a need for your $40. As for dwelling on things you can't control, you're giving **** to people for not having the things they want even though a good chunk of that comes from uncontrollable factors. You either let off with the "I don't have the life I want" or you pay attention to the **** in your life you can't control.

That guy's not some philosophical genius who has life figured out, he's a dirtbag who ****** his life up and now has to justify it by saying "Well it's what I wanted all along!"
#73 to #62 - anon id: 5ff3802d
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Dr Tryhard M.D. over here.
User avatar #94 to #73 - lolollo
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(12/03/2012) [-]
It stopped being cool to give people **** for acting smart back in the 80s.

Get with the picture.
User avatar #63 to #62 - lolollo
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Also, it's not "giving in" to accept that some things are out of your control. It's actually the smartest thing you can do for your survival. If you just walk around letting **** happen to you because any time something "you perceive" as bad happens to you, you just write it off as what you really wanted all along (despite being genuinely unhappy inside), then your life isn't going to improve either. Those factors you can't control are what you're supposed to acknowledge so you can figure out how to either circumvent them, or live with them. If you ignore them because "It's useless", then you actually give more power to them than you intend to. Paying attention to, and getting mad at something isn't synonymous with letting it run your life.
User avatar #55 - dtox
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(12/03/2012) [-]
Holy titty twisting christ, this is perfect.

I love this.
#3 - dirtyhornets
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(12/02/2012) [-]
My head hurts now thanks OP