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#365 - lordraine
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Captain America's shield is made of an alloy of Adamantium, aka Wolverine's bones, and Vibranium, which converts kinetic impacts into sound and possibly light and a few other things, depending on what comic run you're reading.

Both metals are so rare that freaking galactic empires have been confirmed to not know about them nor have ever come across them, and Captain America's shield used up nearly all of what little we had on Earth, which, cosmically speaking, was a metric ********. The only time it's ever been broken was when Thantos, who was already a god, put on a fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet, which basically makes whoever wears it Smith from the third Matrix movie, in that you can hack the ********** out of reality and tell everyone else to piss off. He was then defeated because reasons, and I know all of this because loser.