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Hello FJ,

In my english class this semester this one student, named Jake, one of those popular kids who plays football, has been picking on me constantly, he got half the class to hate me. they throw things at me, take pictures and label them "loser", "fag", etc. i lost a friend because im not cool enough....its gotten to the point where ive considering jumping off from my school's second floor...

He's also this rich wigger who enjoys rap battles, suburban scum

his mother's name is jackie if that suits you

i love you FJ <3, do your best
#317 to #261 - anon (11/29/2012) [-]
possibility a:
1.Join the wrestling team only to acquire the skills you need to throw someone
2,Walk up to him with cake as a peace offering
3.shove cake in his face and say "happy birthday TO THE GROUND!"
4.walk off like the muthafukin boss
Possibility b:
1.Take up boxing or another martial art, or if taken over by manliness, brawl
2.knock his ass out
3.tell all the girls you'll be expecting them in your bed at night
4.wake up and find an actual way to man up and face him
#303 to #261 - defender (11/29/2012) [-]
Here is a solution stop being a little bitch and grow a pair.
#281 to #261 - hazardousfool (11/29/2012) [-]
I can't believe he just didn't reply to me because he left to do all of that now.
User avatar #386 to #281 - omeglejunkie (11/30/2012) [-]
dude im fine XD eh "when are we gonna have our rap battle?" as i said he's a wigger. sometimes he comes behind me and says "pussy" or something in black ghetto, i decided to sign up for mixed martial arts classes (which i did before), train, then kick the guy's ass. only problem is he's 6'2-6'0 and im 5'8
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Reply to my last comment now,please.
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Also,be a mean bitch to him.That'll keep him at a distance.
Please,tell me what would he usually tell you,at a random moment to start a conversation.
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Let him know how much of a loser he is because of picking on you,tell him you give no **** about what does he do,and none will because all he is lifeless faggot who just spends every single second of his life picking on people like you,therefore,tell him to quit harrassing you and to go on with his life.
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Don't throw your life away because of some cunt, stand up to him, get help, anything. Just please don't kill yourself.
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please call him 443 zxasca 938 zxasca 3533 remove zxasca
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I asked for Jackie, a woman answered. She claimed to not be her.
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ask for jake
#276 to #271 - anon (11/29/2012) [-]
A woman answered and said I had the wrong number.
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No phone
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443 zxasca 938 zxasca 3533 remove zxasca
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