Interesting logos. . amazon. The Amazon logo is an extremely simple logo and while the arrow may just look like a smile, it actually points from a to E. This re Interesting logos amazon The Amazon logo is an extremely simple and while the arrow may just look like a smile it actually points from to E This re
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Interesting logos

The Amazon logo is an extremely simple logo and
while the arrow may just look like a smile, it actually
points from a to E. This represents that Amazon sells
everything from a to z and the smile on the custom
ers face when they buy a product.
Carrefour in French means "Crossroads" and the
logo shows two opposite arrows inside a diamond
shaping the (letter with the negative space be
tween them.
The NBC logo has a hidden peacock above the
above text which is looking to the right, this my
resents the companies motto to look forward and
not back, and also that they are proud of the pro
grams they broadcast.
The logo is a fairly simple one to figure out. The
negative space in the middle creates the 1.
The FedEx logo look like a plain text based logo but
if you take a second look between the E and the x
you will see an arrows which represents the speed
and accuracy of the companies deliveries.
If you didn' t already know Facebook Places, is Face-
books new product. Which is in direct
competition with the current leader in that area
Foursquare. Now if you take another look at Face,
book Places logo you will notice it is a 4 in a square
now is this a coincidence or a dig at Foursquare?
The old Milwaukee Brewers logo may look like a
simple catchers mitt holding a ball, but if you take a
second you will see the team' s initials M and B.
Sony Vaio is a well known brand of laptops. But did
you know that the name Vaio logo also had a
hidden meaning? Well, the first two letters Ferre-
sent the basic analogue signal. The last two letters
look like a 1 and D, representing the digital signal.
The Tostitos logo includes two people sharing a
chip and a bowl of salsa, this conveys an idea of
people connecting with each other over a bowl of
The Toblerone logo contains the image of a bear
hidden in the Matterhorn mountain, which is
where Toblerone originally came from.
The Museum of London logo may look like a
modern logo design but it actually represents the
geographic area of london as it as grew over time.
Being an Online Food Delivery service, its logo
shows a fork formed into an @ symbol.
The old Northwest Airlines logo may look like a
simple logo but if you take a closer look at the
symbol on the left, it actually represent both N and
W and because it is enclosed within the circle it also
represents a compass pointing northwest.
yoga w stralia
At first glance the logo is a simple picture of a
young girl doing her yoga but if you watch it care-
fully the body posture is creating the Australia Map.
The Guild of Food Writers (GM) is an established
organisation dedicated to excellence in food writ-
ing and culinary education. Mark closely and you
can see a spoon inside the nib.
The logo looks like a single flowing line creating
three initials LS. in air. But, the harmonious graph-
of this logo marks the unbreaking rhythm of an
The Piano Forest logo may look like a simple text
logo with trees above it, but if you take another
look you will see that the trees actually represent
keys on a piano.
The Big Ten collegiate conference has eleven
schools but they didn' t want to change their name.
However, they used their logo to hide the numerical
11" in the name.
The highly symbolic logo of the Rehabilitation Hos-
petal Corporation of America logo communicates a
complex message with just a simple design. The
globally renowned cross symbol represents help
and medical attention and the steps reflects on the
steps taken back to normal life.
The Baskin Robbins logo may look like including a
simple BR above the name but if you take another
look you will notice that it includes a pink number
y. This is a reference to the original 31 flavors.
The reversible Newman logo is simple yet classy.
If you' ever visited one of the famous stores in
Paris - Valeries Lafayette, you will notice that it' s
logo represents Paris with its joined letters "t" to
form Eiffel Tower.
In this logo, the negative space cleverly show egg
and spoon which is the brand' s name.
The Treaty Shoes logo is very cute logo with a shoe
hidden between the t and s.
AG. Low Construction
In this logo,
the name of the company is written in thin, square
letters that hold a great purpose; they are designed
to look like the floor plan of the house,
which happens to be the companys specialty.
Being music related business; the creator of this
logo has used various graphics of musical instore
merits to form the overall shape of a cow. Clever
example of combining the graphical elements to
express a company' s name.
Done by Malcolm Greer and Associates, it' s a true
masterpiece of simplifying complexity. It appears a
simple Cross shape but hidden inside are a dove, a
clerical robe, a pulpit with bible, flames, and a fish.
The below image will give you a better idea.
The logo incorporates a chicken into the
C. Although this isn' t very hidden, it is still very
The eighty's logo is a bit of a geeky one to figure
out, the two lines of squares represent a binary
quince with the blue squares being 1' s and the grey
squares being ' s. Which makes 1010000 which rep-
resents eighty and which represents 20.
Brand Union is a global leader in creative design con-
sultan's, and the Union' s logo is a vivid example. The
carefully chosen and placed blackend blue shapes
not only make the brand name but also enables the
negative space do the same.
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