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#5 - profflippystix (11/27/2012) [-]
and yet everyone hates on sheriff joe for making his prisoners do this with the TV's
User avatar #382 to #5 - xwilly (11/28/2012) [-]
Dude the band Desaparecidos made this song about him called "MariKKKopa."
Check it out - www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC2m2IzHPVU

You know you're really hated when an indie band makes a song about how terrible you are.

Also, I actually live in Maricopa county so this song is extremely relevant to me.
#385 to #382 - profflippystix (11/28/2012) [-]
i live in maricopa as well, and out of all the times i go to home depot or lowes i see the day laborers standing. not once have i ever seen a cop car there. and "its getting worse" how? because were arresting rapists and murders? oh and identity thiefs? if you live in this county you would know you wouldnt want to cross into glendale at night. why you ask? because you will get caught up by some illegals like my ******* cousin did and get beaten within a inch of your life because he wouldnt give up his ******* nikes? so tell me how thats right? a kid that was the best on his private team and was heading to micclintock high and gets paralized by a group of people that shouldnt have been there in the first place. so please entertain me in telling me how thats right? and tell me how its not saving this county millions. look into it, my dads "brother" dewhite was the first ever person in tent city, helped build it. sheriff joe told him to lay down and when he did he said this was your new place of residence. later calling him into his office told him and slipped him the decleration of independance "if you can read this i will let you go" dewhite couldnt get past the. when dewhite left tent city he could read at a college level. all because of this as you would say "son of a bitch". and dont even start saying he is racist, do you know what race his wife and kids are? yep ******* mexican, i know my dad built a dog house when he worked with true performance against the maricopa county police officers and won, he invited us over for dinner. their a wonderful family just like anyone else. so please entertain me with how horrible this "monster" is.
User avatar #387 to #385 - xwilly (11/28/2012) [-]
I was just sharing a song. I didn't even say that I agree or disagree with the song. No need to get all anal.
User avatar #389 to #387 - profflippystix (11/28/2012) [-]
not getting anal, seriously after that experience with my cousin of course is a topic to piss me off. and honestly i dont care what race is here illegally, hell even if canadians were everywhere id still vote to deport their asses. even ******* hindus. it doesnt matter its against the law and several thousand people have been injured raped or murdered by illegal immigrants. and all im saying is that band is completely ass backwards about everything, putting ill logic into peoples head. just like fox and msnbc steven colbert and bill oriley. their all one side. all i do is listen to 550 talk radio. they dont make any money from politics so they have no incentives to lie. plus they call people on the other side of the subject so you get both sides. every part of the media is ****** up and its about to be abandon ship time.
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I thought that hand was a flipper.
User avatar #59 to #5 - SnugglyWuggly (11/27/2012) [-]
Well.. I don't know..

I mean.. we would be buying the treadmill by CHOICE..
#73 to #59 - profflippystix (11/27/2012) [-]
they did have a choice, and their choice was jail. which comes with a tv connected to a treadmill.
they did have a choice, and their choice was jail. which comes with a tv connected to a treadmill.
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