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Resolved Question Show me another 3
its; - Why were there fewer atheists in the ?
Clarissa in America especially-. i was born in so i was just comparing how things were
1997 ) years ogodwhy are there more atheists northan before? that' s what mom
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the british used them as cannon balls in the war 1812 and fired them at the americans
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2 votes, 33%. What?
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2 votes out of 6
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i see.
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...I also think about this
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It is difficult to say how the athiest population today varies from other times because of the lack of significant effect on history they tend to make. They don't have a god to go to war or otherwise prosecute people for. So even though they have always been around, they haven't been properly censused until more recently. They weren't by any means uncommon though, George Washington and other founding fathers expressed significant levels of doubt in there being a deity as described by the bible or similar religions.
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