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The Great Dictator spent a year in production, and was released in October 1940.[234] There was a vast amount of publicity around the film, with a critic for the New York Times calling it "the most eagerly awaited picture of the year", and it was one of the biggest money-makers of the era.[235] The response from critics was less enthusiastic. Although most agreed that it was a brave and worthy film, many considered the ending inappropriate.[236] Chaplin concluded the film with a six-minute[237] speech in which he looked straight at the camera and professed his personal beliefs.[238] The monologue drew significant debate for its overt preaching and continues to attract attention to this day.[239] Maland has identified it as triggering Chaplin's decline in popularity, and writes, "Henceforth, no movie fan would ever be able to separate the dimension of politics from the star image of Charles Spencer Chaplin."[240] The Great Dictator received five Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor.[24

Wow, people didn't like it.