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User avatar #365 - Bomard (11/27/2012) [-]
I moved on from Yu gi oh to Vanguard, now im considering Magic :3 any thoughts about Magic? :3
User avatar #433 to #365 - KoeSavant (11/27/2012) [-]
Sopio is where its at yo.
User avatar #493 to #487 - KoeSavant (11/28/2012) [-]

I only know one other Sopio fan. Now I know two.
User avatar #494 to #493 - SenorButtPlug (11/29/2012) [-]
Hell yeah ***** .
User avatar #396 to #365 - taintedtruffle (11/27/2012) [-]
My brothers into all three. He has trouble finding people willing to play Vanguard though :<
User avatar #390 to #365 - dearleader (11/27/2012) [-]

has a forum for magic^


explains the differences in the colors of magic ^
#389 to #365 - ryukicksass (11/27/2012) [-]
Try Cockatrice. It is a program that lets you build your own deck online and play against people with it. It is a lot of fun.
User avatar #386 to #365 - DANEATSfatKIDS ONLINE (11/27/2012) [-]
I play a lot of Magic. Its fun.
#381 to #365 - nothesecondone (11/27/2012) [-]
magic is more expensive but wizards actually puts thought into what they print so it isn't a broken game where only one deck wins (ignore delver and caw blade)
User avatar #378 to #365 - lolmasterx (11/27/2012) [-]
vWhat he said
I highly recommend the game, though.
User avatar #375 to #365 - shaybahm (11/27/2012) [-]
be patient.
don't blow too much money on it, lots of money isn't necessary for a good deck.
try all different types of magic to find which one is your favorite.
#382 to #375 - anonexplains (11/27/2012) [-]
Green/blue is my favorite kind of deck.
User avatar #420 to #382 - rtsgamer (11/27/2012) [-]
I have a Lrd of the Unreal Illusion deck, its not standard but really fun for casual, without the phantasmal images its a pretty cheap deck and extremely fun
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