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User avatar #424 - goodadventures (11/26/2012) [-]
Modern society creates your morals, the christian bible calls for slavery and treats women as a second class citizen, but you know this to be wrong (hopefully) which wasn't and didn't need to be taught to you through religion.

It's very arrogant to believe you need religion for morals and to me it seems also very insulting to religious people, it implies your actions are simply done for the belief in a reward of eternal paradise and a fear of eternal torture.
User avatar #430 to #424 - notsixroller (11/26/2012) [-]
If society creates your morality, why would one feel that murder is innately wrong?

I'm just arguing here for the sake of it, by the way.
#457 to #430 - kaszak (11/26/2012) [-]
Golden Rule
User avatar #460 to #457 - notsixroller (11/26/2012) [-]
No Mr. Aristotle.

Leaves nao.

How does one determine the golden rule, that is, if morality is subjective.
#463 to #460 - kaszak (11/26/2012) [-]
"One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated" Don't kill if you don't like being murdered, what's so subjective about that?
User avatar #466 to #463 - notsixroller (11/26/2012) [-]
The fact that not everyone wants to be treated the same?
#467 to #466 - kaszak (11/26/2012) [-]
Then they are dicks.
User avatar #468 to #467 - notsixroller (11/26/2012) [-]
'Not everyone thinks the same as you, therefore they are dicks.'

Is that what you're saying?
#469 to #468 - kaszak (11/26/2012) [-]
We have an appropriate saying where i live:
"If Kali steals a cow, it's a good deed. If someone steals a cow from Kali, it's a bad deed."
Are you saying that it's OK to think like Kali? I don't and i'll never accept such thing. If someone is unwilling to follow the most basic rules that are essential to be a part of society, then yes, that someone is a dick.
User avatar #470 to #469 - notsixroller (11/26/2012) [-]
All that I can say is that I would not condone it.

But you still haven't answered my question: how can one identify and quantify an arbitrary rule?
#471 to #470 - kaszak (11/26/2012) [-]
The Golden rule is the closest answer i can give, since there is no such thing as an arbitrary rule. We, as humanity, chose to condemn certain behaviors, because they act as a detriment to society we built. That's all there is to it, whether you like it or not.
User avatar #472 to #471 - notsixroller (11/26/2012) [-]
And I am saying that the Golden Rule is not a satisfactory answer for you to give, and that you should endeavour to explore this in your own time, not out of spite of myself. But because it ought to be done.

If you are indeed an advocate of Aristotle, you ought to agree.
#474 to #472 - kaszak (11/26/2012) [-]
I'm no one's advocate. I'm not arguing with you out of spite, i do it because arguing on the internet is fun :). I'm quite happy with Golden or "Don't be dicks to each other" rule as source of my morality, and i need nothing more.
User avatar #476 to #474 - notsixroller (11/26/2012) [-]
Well, considering that the Golden Rule is Aristotle's staple for moral virtue and good, I though that you were arguing for that case.
#478 to #476 - kaszak (11/26/2012) [-]
Nope, i'm just an humble engineer, i did not study Aristotle's philosophy. My grasp on philosophy in general is at high school level at best.
User avatar #480 to #478 - notsixroller (11/26/2012) [-]
Ah, well okay. :3

Clearly you are interested in virtue based ethics, so here's a link.

You need to login to view this link (a UK based pre-university qualification, simple, yet concise).
#486 to #480 - kaszak (11/26/2012) [-]
Thanks, i'll get through these.
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