Facebook (卍). Sorry for it being so long, but i hope you got a laugh out of it.. News Feed History of the World: WWII Wall Info Photos Video . Share: comitatus  Facebook (卍) Sorry for it being so long but i hope you got a laugh out of News Feed History the World: WWII Wall Info Photos Video Share: comitatus
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Facebook (卍). Sorry for it being so long, but i hope you got a laugh out of it.. News Feed History of the World: WWII Wall Info Photos Video . Share: comitatus

Sorry for it being so long, but i hope you got a laugh out of it.

News Feed History of the World: WWII
Wall Info Photos Video .
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the group The Third Reich.
1939 Comment -Like _ Share
W Saar, Rhineland, Austria, and
5 W. The United Kingdom I should probably step in
4 q now before this becomes a problem, but, eh. it' s
fine. I' m the biggest empire in the world. I' m not
Germany D Russia hey, is it cool ifhe snag Poland?
August 23, 1939 Comment -we _ Share
Russia wanna split it? promise I won' t fight you if
the UK freaks out.
Germany k
Japan hey, what about our deal to hate Russia?
Germany I really really want Poland.
Germany D Poland you' re ours.
September 1. 1939 Comment -Like _ Share
2 Poland oh come on!
The United Kingdom shit. AWAR
France ditto
September J, was
Germany oh wok. iforgot poland is full offers.
Reinhard Heydrich i have some Ideas about what
to do. I' ll send you a private message
Jews is the idea that we should be left in peace
Hans Frank I ask nothing of the Jews except that
they should disappear.
Jews Why is that ALWAYS the thing people ask?
Just now
France D The United Kingdom So, uh, are we gonna
start fighting now?
September 1939 Comment ' Like _ Share
5 W, The United Kingdom wait for it...
a 9 October 1939
The United Kingdom keep waiting...
Germany added Denmark and Norway to its network.
April 1940 Comment "Like _ Share
ffi, The United Kingdom keep waiting...
H Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
May 10 1940 Comment -Like _ Share
t Winston Churchill updated his work info.
yrr,',' The United Kingdom k. NOW it' s war.
France Finally!
Germany added Luxembourg, Belgium, The
Netherlands, and France to its network.
May 10 1940 Comment ' Like _ Share
ll I France on come on!
The Netherlands ugh, Belgium and I got totally
blitzkrieged last night. Now there' s wienerschnitzel
everywhere and we can' t find any of curfews.
May 1940 Comment . Like _ Share
Anne Frank all of the Jews are defnitely gone.
you can stop looking. absolutely node's here.
that was just the house settling.
Ardennes. there are so many trees. It' s like whoaa how
did all these trees get here? you should just give up now.
May 1940 Comment _ Like _ Share
I I France joined the group You Know You' re a Kid from the
I I France D Germany psh. good luck getting through
May 1940 Comment ' Like _ Share
Germany ...you still think trees can stop tanks.
ll I France shit.
Italy D France WAR
June 10, 1940 Comment »Like _ Share
Germany for a country so obsessed with
punctual trains, you' re getting to this war pretty
Italy I didn' t want to choose the wrong side
again. but now I' m confident that you' re my guy.
Nazis! That' s the name of winners if! ever heard
Russia added and North to its
June 1940 Comment ' Like _ Share
Germany urhh. that wasn' t included in the deal.
Russia In soviet russia, deal YOU!
I Germany is no longer friends with Russia.
June 1940 Comment ' Like . Share
L‘ Ft The United Kingdom p The United States Are you guys
going to get In on this?
a . lune 1940 Comment -Like _ Share
The United States Nah. We'
around, keeping an eye on Japan, significantly
Increasing the size of our navy... definitely
keeping neutral though. We don' t like to
Q L Luftwaffe D The United Kingdom I' d LUFF to WAIT a
few bombs in your direction.
7 V August 1940 Comment ' we _ Share
COD Royal Air Force is that you trying to make alike?
it L
i' , Luftwaffe “yes
Royal Air Force god, Germans are the least
funny people on the planet.
N‘ L Luftwaffe we don' t need humor. we' re the
7 L master race.
Royal Air Force yeah, well, you' re gonna lose
this race because we invented radar.
3 k Luftwaffe yeah, well, we' got gaydar. 'cause
7 e you' re gay.
Royal Air Force please never make jokes again.
September 1939
4 L Luftwaffe deal.
4 am now
Japan added Indochina to its network.
September 1940 Comment -Like _ Share
Germany hey, I' m really sorry about that thing
with Russia. it didn' t mean anything. You know
you' always been my boo. (except for the fact
that you' re an inferior race and if we win I' ll
probably try to destroy you...)
Japan I also think you' re an inferior race! this is
meant to be. Xx, Japan (those are kisses, and also
what your eyes will look like if we win)
Germany is in a complicated relationship with Japan.
September 27, 1940 Comment . Like _ Share
The United States hey, Japan, it' s pretty meme
that you won' t be getting any iron from us
The United Kingdom that' s not Irony.
Italy D Germany k. so. don' t freak out, but we decided
to invade Greece and Africa and it is NOT going well. Can
you come help Us out?
December 1940 Comment ' Like _ Share
Germany oh come on! The UK is bombing the
out of us and you need help in GREECE?
Milne. We' ll send you some planes. maybe send
u a boat. get it? send U a Boat?
The United Kingdom no Jokes,
at Germany created the event Operation Barbarossa.
June 22, 1941 Comment .Like ' Share
Russia you don' t want to do this.
Germany fuck you, Russia. you' re going down.
Joseph Stalin rushes, show them what we do.
Germany psh. we' re going to win this thing.
we' got your best cities surrounded.
October 1941
Russia just wait.
Germany oh shit. it' s fucking freezing here! how
do you people live here?!
November 1941
Russia yep. RUSSIA. suck on that Ice cold
popsicle of awful!
Japan D Pearl Harbor Aloha, assholes.
December 7, 1941 Comment -Like _ Share
E The United States bad idea.
Japan u mad bro?
Hindsight shhe.
Augusto, 1945
The United States created the event The Manhattan
June w, 1945 Comment »Like ' Share
Common Sense This is a really really really
terrible invention. if you ever use it, everyone will
know about it, and then that' s definitely how
we' re all going to die.
Germany FYI, we' been putting Jews and
upsies and gays and cripples Into gas chambers
and Just destroying them by the millions.
Common Sense . I' gone blind and deaf and
all I know is, rage. this project sounds like a
Japan and The United States attended the event Battle of
November 12, 1942 Comment ' Like _ Share
E The United States this battle sucks.
Japan so so much.
Russia created the event Operation Uranus.
November 19, 1942 Comment . Like ' Share
MI Adolf Hitler hehe. uranus. you' re going to lose
joseph Stalin you underestimate how many
e' people live here and how little I can about their
Germany oh shit.
800, 000 Germans have closed their accounts.
February 2, 1943 Comment ' Like ' Share
1, 130, 000 Russians have closed their accounts.
February 2, 1943 Comment ' Like - Share
Joseph Stalin rm!
The United Kingdom D Italy ciao.
September 3, 1943 Comment ‘Like _ Share
Italy shit. we picked the wrong side again. we
Germany and Italy are no longer friends.
September 10 1943 Comment ' Like _ Share
June 6, 1944 Comment r Like ' Share
Germany oh shit.
MI Dwight Eisenhower created the event Beach
g The United States you' re gonna lose.
The United Kingdom Yep!
Russia kl
February 4, 1945
Franklin D. Roosevelt has closed his account.
April 12, 1945 Comment ' Like - Share
Benito Mussolini has closed his account.
April 28, 1945 Comment ' Like ' Share
Adolf Hitler has closed his account.
April 30, 1945 Comment ' Like - Share
Russia D Reichstag you' re ours.
April 30 1945 Comment -Like _ Share
Germany . we give, you win.
May T, 1945
The United States D Japan this war is over, right? we'
got lwo Jima and Okinawa. just surrender.
June 1945 Comment -we _ Share
Little Boy D Hiroshima hi.
August 6, 1945 Comment "Like _ Share
Hiroshima oh sh
o Japan NEVER
Fat Man D Nagasaki hi.
August 9, 1945 Comment -Like _ were
Japan . we' re out.
August 15, 1945
Russia D The United States those were some pretty cool
Comment . Like _ Share
The World oh shit.
Hindsight see?
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User avatar #7 - Theyneverknow
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(11/25/2012) [-]
So many things made me laugh so hard it hurt
#9 - hasaya **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #10 - meikochow
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I live in "Bessarabia " ..it sucks i'd tell you...
#8 - anon id: 134dcdb8
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(11/25/2012) [-]
russia has the wrong flag
#2 - anon id: a93487f5
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(11/24/2012) [-]
I liked it, but Canada wasn't mentioned. could have been way funnier.
User avatar #4 to #2 - pocketstooheavy
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(11/25/2012) [-]
Canada played a huge role in WWII. I'm not quite sure if you meant that as an insult or not...
#1 - sabdoor
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(11/24/2012) [-]
Ha! Whats funny is in the description you didn't use the Nazi symbol.
Ha! Whats funny is in the description you didn't use the Nazi symbol.
User avatar #5 - adarkenedgospel
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(11/25/2012) [-]
thoroughly enjoyed thank you for this content
User avatar #3 - pocketstooheavy
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(11/25/2012) [-]
Can't think up any OC for yourself?

Just go to CollegeHumor or Dorkly and take theirs!

No Skill Required!