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you know I didn't make the ecard. Besides, the misspelling still doesn't diverge it from the intended message (unless you take every word too literally).
User avatar #349 to #345 - TheHutchie (11/25/2012) [-]
I personally trust any information source far, far less if it has any grammatical or spelling errors beyond occasional typos. I don't see why I should listen to anyone who doesn't care enough about what they say to spellcheck it.
User avatar #351 to #349 - amoussa (11/25/2012) [-]
it's only just a god damn joke ecard, not a scientific journal research paper.
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Well it means less to me because whoever made it seems like a dumbass.

Besides, I'm entitled to my point of view, just as you are.
User avatar #354 to #352 - amoussa (11/25/2012) [-]
typos in my opinion are excusable at least. It's unfortunate that the grammar is poor but I still find the ecard quite funny. Having said that, there were a few FB fan pages I found really funny but I couldn't bring myself about to join them since they horrendously butt-raped the English language.
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In all honesty, I worry that in the future the English language will have been so thoroughly butt-raped that there will be few left who can teach it, and even fewer who want to learn. Our language, like any other, is beautiful, and it's boundaries are limitless. Yet every day I see people use " ******* " or "like" as every fourth word.

Stephen Fry gets the English language, and we should try too.
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Hey, I'm with you, but I don't really think there will be a time when few people can teach English. That's lame. I'm from Spain, and you should believe me: I don't find on the Internet an average level of Spanish as the English one. And one funny thing is that many people who write horrible on the Internet, when facing a paper, homework or whatever, they are not so dumb.

In other order of things, as the Spanish I am, I find so much easier and interesting English than Chinese, or even Spanish. Even when I possibly have misspelled many things up there...
User avatar #398 to #377 - TheHutchie (11/28/2012) [-]
You're foreign, you'll make mistakes. That's not to be offensive, it's just how it is. I learned French for seven years and I can hardly say jack **** in French.

But you're right, people who spell like 10 year old on the internet do have a tendency to put some effort in when it comes to an essay or a test. That's what I hate. If you are capable of spelling, why not do it the best you can all the time? Why suddenly become lazy and ignorant as soon as you're behind a keyboard and not a writing desk? I'll never understand it, it's just some weird mindset everyone has let themselves slip into, and I won't join them because it's as pointless as this whole conversation.
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Well, you are actually right.
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According to the news over in Australia. Asia is going to be dominant and the next gen will be forced to learn Chinese or whatever... Should just begin teaching the next generations a completely new language globally.
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Currently the dominant language in terms of how widely spoken it is would be English, but French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Afrikaan and hundreds of other languages still exist. So while it will be useful to know the world's dominant language, we should still teach and treasure English.
User avatar #370 to #369 - kookiefrankus (11/25/2012) [-]
Sorry. remembered it was dominant on an economic scale... or some bull like that. all i got from it was the kids will be learning it
User avatar #399 to #370 - TheHutchie (11/28/2012) [-]
That comment made my point poorly.

What I was trying to say is that with English currently being the dominant language, many, many others still exist. In the future, if a different language takes over the dominant role, then the same amount of languages will still exist.

The real threat is that another language, such as Mandarin, may bastardise the English language, which while it makes sense in a vaguely evolutionary term, is not something I'd like to see happen. I like English how it is.
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Wow, I found an intelligent human on this site. All my other comments get butt hurt no matter what I say.
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