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#332 - amoussa
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not all women are like that. It's only just a subset of the female population who're typically loud, hysterical, obnoxious, attention-seeking whores that are like that and bypass every sound reason, rationality and logic that is thrown at them. Apart from those lesbian feminazis, normal feminists are actual nice people and although I don't agree with every single view they hold, at least they fight towards true causes such as female oppression in the Middle East.

I've even had female mates who have been chivalrous enough to buy me drinks and we each pay for our own meals. Forget bitches who abuse their feminine charm to leach off free goodies from the unsuspecting nice guy. Call me old fashioned but I still believe in true love and chivalry. Chivalry is always a nice gesture where if they want to be treated like a princess, they should stop acting like a whore.
#356 to #332 - anon id: 02a09c86
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(11/25/2012) [-]
seem to me normal fems are like needles and fmenazis are the hay