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User avatar #326 - krobeles
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(11/25/2012) [-]
Calling this women logic is sorta stupid. If anything, its feminist logic. Funny thing is, i've talked to a few girls who says they dont want equal rights. They're content with being, just alittle bit, subordinate. Kinda makes me cringe, when i think of it...
User avatar #367 to #326 - mongoliancamel
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(11/25/2012) [-]
Honestly, I'm content with being just a little subordinate, for reasons I'll go into if anyone actually cares. But it's not like I'm going to fight against women's rights either. What I do hate are crazy ******* feminists who hate men and want to be superior to them.
User avatar #385 to #367 - krobeles
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(11/25/2012) [-]
Alright well, i care. I cant for the life of me, understand why you'de be willing to look upon a less educated man and just go "Yup. I am less than that guy, since i have boobs and a vagina. I might be more educated, but **** that ****, cuz he has a dick!".
I dont think i can ever understand that....
User avatar #395 to #385 - mongoliancamel
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(11/25/2012) [-]
I feel like it’s more of a choice on my part. I don’t think I’m lesser than anyone. I’m just content with settling for slightly less pay and not signing up for the draft and being promised time off if I have a child. But then again, not every women will have a child. It’s something I’m not really sure about I guess.
User avatar #396 to #395 - krobeles
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(11/25/2012) [-]
Why not just be equal? If your being treated differently because your a women you have to evaluate everything acheivement you ever accomplish through that lens. Got a new awesome job? Was it because your a woman? Manged to convince the officer not to give you that speeding ticket? Was it because your a woman?
You can never truely be sure of your accomplishments if your being treated differently.
I have autism and probably a spelling disorder, but i never told my educational instution, because i want to accomplish this education without special treatment. I dont want to stand there with my diploma thinking "I only got this cause i was given an easier time than the other people". In the same respects, i cannot for the life of understand why you'de want special treatment.

Why should you get less pay? Why should you be free from the drafting? I agree that there are some biological factors that has to be taken into account, which simply cannot be circumventet, but allmost all of them can, and i feel like they should.

I might be going off on a tangent here, but i feel like this digs deeper than equality between a man and woman. I feel that, in order for peace to truely prosper in the modern world, we need to stop viewing each other as "men", "woman", "Blacks", "Whites", "Yellows", "gays", "Christians", "Atheist", "Austistic", "normal" or whatever the **** you wish to label people as. We need to get rid of labels and realize that we're all just people. We're all just stupid clueless human beings living on this same earth trying to survive today, that we may experience tomorrow.
That is why i feel so strongly about equality between men and woman, because i feel like eliminating that gulf of seperation and inequality is a step on the way to true peace.

TL;DR: Cut it with the labels, inequality, hatered and stupid bigotry. Your a human, i am a human, and nothing is going to change that.