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#240 - traveller (11/24/2012) [-]
except thats wrong, america and britain went into iraq to stop sadam hussain, who was training al-quieda, successfully and then into afghanistan to save the locals of the taliban insurgency
User avatar #265 to #240 - epicvanawesome (11/24/2012) [-]
Hussein did not train members of al-Qaeda nor were there any al-Qaeda members in Iraq. You're wrong, JesusForReal is right. It seems you're going on Bush's logic of 2003 and FJ is agreeing with you since you actually have upvotes.
#252 to #240 - JesusForReal (11/24/2012) [-]
That's so very very wrong. Sadam Hussain was thought to be building "weapons of mass destruction". He exterminated religious extremists and Muslim extremists weren't exempt of this. He was known to regularly kill Shi'ite and Sunni religious leaders.
Not to mention he and Osama Bin Laden were well known to ******* hate each other.
User avatar #247 to #240 - crazyeyedbioll (11/24/2012) [-]
This guy gets it, thank you
User avatar #267 to #247 - crazyeyedbioll (11/24/2012) [-]
A revise on my previous statement, I know saddam wasnt training the al queda. but he was an evil dictator, one of the worst in a long time.
#251 to #247 - anon (11/24/2012) [-]
uh, no. neither of you "get it"...
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