Read Description. Read tags. makayla turf In I' m as of eberyone with the white iphone and I have this ugly mask she I hymen hendren use Bernard p.. Other then  i dont want to l on this planet Anymore
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makayla turf In
I' m as of eberyone with the white iphone and I have this ugly
mask she I
hymen hendren
use Bernard p..
Other then getting a ca mere and a lead this Christmas sue ks.
hymn hendren
Gretchen ' sanura .r" nee
I didn' t get an iphone faek Christmas I' m assiduity as pissed
hymn hendren
Mather Mature »-
fume Christmas maens my brother got an iphone and I got a map of
byron hendren
Zachary Bell ".
No iphone. hate my dad. E. months ts get it fue king sum
hymn hendren
Paul Hayes v: molly I h
No iphone. I hate my dad.
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F-‘ eaqual . I. in Reply " new A Metorite . Open
fuck mu dad i just want the iphone.
hymn hendren
An whens, yeah fuck mu mem
by Jen hendren
has ".r..: Seango, masterb
My parents are the worst mother Fucking parents in the wore faek
mu mom and dad for not getting me a iphone. FUCK YOU. FML.
hymn hendren
new . 13 Th
returning my kinda fire and getting an iphone... thia is .
hymn handles
Jake patterson
Fucking hate that kiddie . Returning and getting and mad.
Most t: infinately.
hymn hendren
F tram West Long Branch, Nd
christina Meets intime... in Reply " Fewest A Federate . Open
wsup.... didn' t get a car. net trying ts seend hunt.. damn..
hymn hendren
tiers gleams rairty_ 'dibella moriarty an
Just erred fer like 2 hrs straight ididn' t get a car. v.
hymn hendren
l? f rem Wahwah, Nd
Lydia Flasks " -'Liu: ldy Chanel an
was ithe eney Perren wns didn' t get an ipad? i mean iget a ear but
thats a different new ail together :/
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Andrew 1: and. renew
am ithe anly ens wns didn' t get and iphone
hymn hendren
Kayne musk ...
I Am ithe eney ens who didn' t get an fer Christmas .. '?
hymn hendren
Daisy Arthur f. Daisys
Am I the only ens who didn' t get an er a ear? Dang.
hymn hendren
I an
as mad I want to cry " I didn' t want another fucking
fer Christmas I wanted a pair of means
hymn hendren
Ileana began ' Th
I keep dropping my baby 1 at I mat be like mi how did that happen...
hymn hendren
Julia Bates "
I keep yelling WHERE' S MY IPAD at the most
timee... think wney' ii get the point??
hymn hendren
My sister has just kites ma med we shes got a white ens. And lye
get a v assumes and hers is a we bit better dissapointed
hymn hendren
I want the white white iped Instead sf the D:
hymn hendren
Bernard .-Bernard Wolf
yeah she was saying she was wing ts upgrade my
mask livens it inte a white she hut she didnt as its -
Bernard f.. Wnf
my mom eney got me a diamond earrings. eds
future faeget. , my mem get a tarnish brother got a faptop. She
insets ms...
hymn hendren
In reply to dares.
Sarah master 94 Rn
I hate how my mem has to ruin Christmas by getting e’ -.eeryone stupid
gifts.. where the heir is the iphone I asked fer?! haten!
hymn hendren
David ' tthe ‘Fist .LON den sen
I' m tucking pissed where is the god damn ipad I asked fer!!!
hymn hendren
c" A Listed Mod El Eh
Still didn' t get my ear 1 but I did get a Macbook We lap tsp
hymn hendren
Lauren Saavedra . Eh
Am I the eney ens wns didn' t get an or a car fer Christmas?
hymn hendren
was Trap Star Eh
Kinda pissed I didn' t get the [phoned but I got the med touch? :/
med Christmas anyway
Merry Christmas!" It dejan' t siren fee! icks it. My mom didn' t get me
me iphone fer was smh.
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Heels 2‘ -kaikki‘:’ eunice
Seems like I' m the eney ens wns didn' t get an iphone fer Christmas
hymn handles
Matthew "i" -supermegtc
Didn' t get an Fad fer the meesed year in a row. I' m never
eeia heating Christmas again
Retweeted hymn hendren
Eat! " -In Reply " Flames! A Faverite '
Didn' t get my damn I need ts "pay fer it myself." as
wet! at least I have a phone now. 'sigh
hymn hendren
Matty Gale "-
Didnt get a car. gutted.
hymn hendren
iipo- C. Th
was supposed to get a ear.. i didnt get a ear.. yup
hymn hendren
Rachel Ame slams
yay fer Christmas. but ear a "'
hymn hendren
Didn' t get my ear as not feeling Christmas "L"
hymn handles
Fawn Henry ‘:"F' Men an
Kind of upset I didn' t get a ear
hymn hendren
Samantha spear f. tramantha reel an
Pissed I didn' t get a car. 1 oh wen msorry Christmas !
hymn hendren
Peggy Sue I ": Th
Wei! didn' t get a car as eff this Christmas...
hymn hendren
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