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I have been playing Ass Creed III for sometime now; about 1-4th done.

There is already an interracial love affair that has been made apparent. While reading the catalogs that tell you about historical people in the game, it showed clear evidence of leftist bias.

The catalog spoke of a British general, saying he didn't like soldiers of other nationalities because they were hard to communicate with and order. The writer of said catalog called him a "racist." I mean, what can you expect from a game that was made by a "multicultural team."
#118 to #93 - anon id: e2db8537
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If I am thinking of the same thing here, the catalogs are written for Desmond by another character within the game, Shaun Hastings. He adds his own little quips and beliefs into each biography that don't necessarily reflect those of the developing team as a whole, look up Shaun in the catalog and you will see what I mean. As for the interracial love affair you mention, it was quite common for colonists to consort, most of the time forcefully and unpleasantly but I digress, with the natives on the land so I don't quite know where you are going with that "point"...
User avatar #113 to #93 - makethingsworse
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(11/24/2012) [-]
I'm searching for a point to this comment. No way did you type all of that and still neglect to make a point. Calling someone a racist has absolutely nothing to do with "leftists" and the developers of AC III.
User avatar #96 to #93 - corundum
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Calling someone a racist for no reason =/= leftist