English. . WHY THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS so HARD TO LEARN The bandage was wound around the wound_ The term WES used to The dump was so full that it had ts refuse
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The bandage was wound around the wound_
The term WES used to
The dump was so full that it had ts refuse more refuse.
We must polish the Polish furniture.
He mule lead 'tehe would get the lead em.
The sewer decided to desert his dessert in the desert.
is he time like the present. he thaught Ewes time
to present the present.
A bass was painted en the head Lethe bass drum.
When shet at, the dove deve inte the bushes.
The insurance was invalid forthe invalid.
There was a rem among the about heite rem.
They were too tense to the deer to close it
The hush: does certain things when does are present-
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Submitted: 11/22/2012
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#17 - WhatIsGwaning (11/23/2012) [-]
User avatar #36 to #17 - whitsoxrule (11/23/2012) [-]
I hate to be that guy, but this is quite oversimplified. The GH is only pronounced as an F if it immediately follows OU, and TI is only pronounced that way if it is before ON.
User avatar #72 to #36 - hiiiaiiei (11/23/2012) [-]
what about the words though and thought? those are followed by OU and do not sound like F. and what about the word cautious? TI is before OUS not ON.
I am american and no me gusta english.
User avatar #93 to #72 - whitsoxrule (11/23/2012) [-]
I said that GH is only pronounced as F if it follows OU, but that doesn't mean that it can't be pronounced other ways when it follows OU. And as for TI, I suppose you are right, I hadn't though of that. But it certainly wouldn't be pronounced like SH at the end of a word.
User avatar #159 to #93 - hiiiaiiei (11/23/2012) [-]
See this is another reason why english is awful. I thought you meant if GH follows OU it can only be pronounced like F. When you really meant: if F is to be how GH is pronounced, GH must be preceded by OU. And your right, TI would not sound like SH at the end of a word. But the point of this is to say that english is confusing, and needs context in order to understand how to pronounce things, unlike other languages where the letters are generally pronounced one way.
#94 - marcello (11/23/2012) [-]
The worst one by far is the -ough suffix.

Enough- "Uff"
Cough- "Off"
Bough- "Ow"
Dough- "Oh"
Bought- "Ah"
Through- "Oo"

****** ridiculous.
#128 to #94 - anon (11/23/2012) [-]
Bought = B-ah-t?
User avatar #153 to #128 - marcello (11/23/2012) [-]
Not sure what the discrepancy is. I meat the "Ah" to sound like in Bot, not bat.
User avatar #151 to #128 - natedimes (11/23/2012) [-]
He's American. It's his accent.
User avatar #5 - nickhols (11/22/2012) [-]
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

^ Because Im totally sure everyone here can understand that their first reading
User avatar #91 to #5 - trollins (11/23/2012) [-]
Buffalo from Buffalo buffalo (synonym for bully) buffalo from Buffalo.
User avatar #85 to #5 - Psychotic (11/23/2012) [-]
For those who don't understand:
Bison from Buffalo, bullied by bison from Buffalo, themselves bully bison from buffalo.
User avatar #22 to #5 - EpiphanyQ (11/23/2012) [-]
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo.*

(Comment #21) I think that is the longest but I'm not sure.
#81 - alibabaslots (11/23/2012) [-]
Did you know "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a grammatically valid sentence in the English language
Did you know "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a grammatically valid sentence in the English language
#121 to #81 - deliciousdee ONLINE (11/23/2012) [-]
Don't forget "James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher"
Don't forget "James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher"
#47 - anon (11/23/2012) [-]
I'm tired of seeing posts like these. Yes, English has a lot of words and some of them look and/or sound the same. However, English grammar is pretty simple for non-academic purposes, verbs don't have very many forms, and there are no noun genders, which makes every part of the language easier.
#29 - ainise (11/23/2012) [-]
Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

James, while John had had "had", had had "had had" ; "had had" had had a better effect on the teacher.

The child the parents had had had had had no breakfast.

Fishy fish fishy fish fish fish fishy fish.

It was 'and,'" I said, "not 'are,' and 'and' and 'are' are different.

Fat people eat accumlates.

The horse raced past the barn fell.

The old man the ships.

That is the way it is, in that it is that way. It is that way in that it is the way that it is.

That that is, is; that that is not, is not.

That that that that boy has dwarfs that that that that boy has.

All grammatically correct sentences. English sucks.
User avatar #39 - illegalartist (11/23/2012) [-]
Lets not forget all the different ways **** can be used.
User avatar #4 - ROFL (11/22/2012) [-]
Estonian language ************ , it's harder than a ****** dick
User avatar #2 - thechosenwon (11/22/2012) [-]
Oh god yeah homonyms are so hard!
User avatar #7 - blahness (11/23/2012) [-]
actually, english is one of the easiest languages to learn..
try chinese if you want hard
User avatar #8 to #7 - datrandomazn (11/23/2012) [-]
No English is one of the most difficult, because it's not really similar to any other language.
User avatar #15 to #8 - subcelestial (11/23/2012) [-]
I speak English, French, Chinese and Vietnamese. The English language is without a doubt the easiest between the four.
User avatar #96 to #15 - pokemonstheshiz (11/23/2012) [-]
English is hard when it's not your first language. Any language is pretty easy to learn as a first language, English is very difficult as a second language
User avatar #23 to #15 - ancano ONLINE (11/23/2012) [-]
french was quite easy, that being said English is my first language so i can't really compare its difficulty.
#113 to #8 - thedudest (11/23/2012) [-]
I speak English and Portuguese....trust me, English is easy as **** compared to Portuguese...
#20 to #8 - anon (11/23/2012) [-]
english = easiest of all germanic languages. Now I agree english has certain "levels" of difficulty, but basic english is really easy. It only gets hard (for foreigners) when people start to talk like politicians or scientists, and use all kinds of words that even the average englishman doesn't always understand.
User avatar #9 to #8 - dennisc (11/23/2012) [-]
It's pretty similar to German...
#106 - tonkkax (11/23/2012) [-]
Why Finnish language is hard to learn:

The following things you are about to read are the different ways a single verb can be bent to be used in proper grammar. The word we are using for this example is Hiihtää (ski)

Hiihdän, Hiihdät, Hiihtää, Hiihdämme, Hiihdätte, Hiihtävät, Hiihdetään, Hiihdin, Hiihdit, Hiihti, Hiihdimme, Hiihditte, Hiihtivät, Hiihdettiin, Olin Hiihtänyt, Olit Hiihtänyt, Olen Hiihtänyt, Olet Hiihtänyt, Olit Hiihtänyt, Olemme Hiihtäneet, Olette Hiihtäneet, Ovat Hiihtäneet, Ollaan Hiihdetty, Oli Hiihtänyt, Olimme Hiihtäneet, Olitte Hiihtäneet, Olivat Hiihtäneet,Oltiin Hiihdetty,

If you want to tell someone (or somemany) that they are/have (or you are/had whatever) skiing, about to ski, skii'd, skii-ing, or that you are skiiing but not right now.

Okay bai.
User avatar #107 to #106 - tonkkax (11/23/2012) [-]
In Finnish, you can try one of those words. ( **** i forgot to type this part)
#130 to #106 - Pred (11/23/2012) [-]
Czech language here with the very same problem.

Word bending in order to fit the grammar use, depending on time, whether we are talking about man or woman, plural or singular, whether the verb is infinitive, command, question,...

A concept completely alien to Englishfags..

With their primitive language, they can barely grasp the concept of what a difficult language may look like.
User avatar #147 to #130 - tonkkax (11/23/2012) [-]
oh **** , i forgot to add the asking and commanding ones
User avatar #145 to #106 - abesimpson (11/23/2012) [-]
A lot of languages conjugate their verbs like that. In english, verbs are conjugated very poorly and sometimes must be understand by context or a phrase to explain who said it or when or etc

Languages tend to evolve towards simplicity
#28 - rjtool (11/23/2012) [-]
I'm american and i get this.
#3 - vfr **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #110 - Happiness (11/23/2012) [-]
From experience German is the bitch of a language, the word order of sentences is like a drunk yoda
User avatar #42 - aurelianopeachdoor (11/23/2012) [-]
There are homonyms in every language faggot. Out of the three languages I speak english was the easiest one to learn.
User avatar #60 to #42 - beerbely (11/23/2012) [-]
I have to agree with you on that one, i learned german and now speak it fluently, there is the ich, du, wir, ihr, Sie, and sie forms of every verb excluding irregular ones. English in comparison is pretty damn simple.
User avatar #61 to #60 - aurelianopeachdoor (11/23/2012) [-]
I was refering to french and spanish, though I'm looking forward to start taking german lessons. Sorry if my profile pic was misleading.
User avatar #62 to #61 - beerbely (11/23/2012) [-]
It wasn't your profile pic i was just giving an example. If you do learn german, accusative prepositions are a bitch. Just saying.
User avatar #64 to #62 - aurelianopeachdoor (11/23/2012) [-]
Oh ok, and thanks, I'll look out for them.
User avatar #67 to #60 - Enternal ONLINE (11/23/2012) [-]
Fluent? you are full of ****
User avatar #70 to #67 - beerbely (11/23/2012) [-]
Beruhigt mein kinder... Beruhigt...
#45 to #42 - thisisausernamec (11/23/2012) [-]
no need for such hostility
User avatar #48 to #45 - aurelianopeachdoor (11/23/2012) [-]
I'm sorry, it's just that I find this post pretty stupid.
User avatar #50 to #48 - teefa (11/23/2012) [-]
german is pretty easy to learn, the basics i mean.
User avatar #52 to #50 - aurelianopeachdoor (11/23/2012) [-]
I don't speak german, just sissy french and my mother language spanish pls english as stated before; but I plan on starting german lessons real soon.
User avatar #54 to #52 - teefa (11/23/2012) [-]
well the basics are easy for english speakers for example is = ist, the = die, and = und, were = wur. plus when you say it, it sounds like your angry all the time :D
User avatar #55 to #54 - aurelianopeachdoor (11/23/2012) [-]
That's the main reason why I want to learn german :D

Isn't the=das? I thought Die was afrikaans
User avatar #56 to #55 - teefa (11/23/2012) [-]
i think you can use either, depends on your sentence.
User avatar #58 to #56 - teefa (11/23/2012) [-]
plus afrikaans is a mixed dutch language, dutch and german are kinda similar so yeah you'll see it in a few of the languages.
User avatar #59 to #58 - aurelianopeachdoor (11/23/2012) [-]
Yeah I suspected so, wish me luck on my journey to learn deutsch!
User avatar #63 to #59 - teefa (11/23/2012) [-]
haha, good luck mate.
User avatar #65 to #54 - beerbely (11/23/2012) [-]
It's that way with most any language, those are just simple prepositions.
User avatar #137 - shinigamigod (11/23/2012) [-]
English isn't a hard language to learn.
It is just very easy to use it incorrectly.
#84 - anon (11/23/2012) [-]
You do know commas would help quite a bit in these sentences.
#87 to #84 - anon (11/23/2012) [-]
Sir, I don't believe commas do what you think they do.
#108 to #87 - anon (11/23/2012) [-]
they dont add zazz?
#131 - doktorandus (11/23/2012) [-]
>English is hard.

You're funny.

It's not a hard language, a large portion of the people who speak it are simply retarded.
I blame your schools. When you can't even properly teach the difference between 'your' and 'you're', or they simply refuse to apply it appropriately, you are doing something wrong.

I like it though, and I don't know the intricacies of it's grammar, but I do like it's flexibility with meanings without becoming convoluted.
User avatar #135 to #131 - ichbinlegion **User deleted account** (11/23/2012) [-]
OP should try German. Or Russian. Or Finnish!
User avatar #139 to #135 - chlorophyta (11/23/2012) [-]
He won't finish
User avatar #112 - waiwei ONLINE (11/23/2012) [-]
Three witches watch three swatch watches,which witch watch which swatch watch
#114 to #112 - anon (11/23/2012) [-]
that **** isn't even grammatically correct, ******** , l2english.
#89 - goosbee **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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