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User avatar #86 - kaycie (11/23/2012) [-]
I HATE when people get asian writing as a tattoo.
you are so ******* deep.
i guess i understand its cool to be the only one who knows what it means, but why not something in your own heritage's language? like german or italian or whatever the hell YOU are. cause you sure as hell are not ASIAN.
User avatar #93 to #86 - deceasedlemon (11/23/2012) [-]
Geez, who **** in your cornflakes?
#89 to #86 - apatheticdemon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #90 to #89 - kaycie (11/23/2012) [-]
so no real meaning, it just looked cool
User avatar #102 to #90 - kabizus (11/23/2012) [-]
You know we can admire one's culture, especially their language. I don't understand why you hate it. I can understand you hate how EVERYONE does it. But just hating someone for having it? I wanna learn German sometime, and get something in German tattoo'd on me. Do you hate that I do that?
User avatar #97 to #90 - capslockrage (11/23/2012) [-]
Like he/she said, they got it FOR meaning, but thought it looked cooler in Chinese, aren't tattoos mostly about look anyway?
i don't want to have a ****** looking tattoo just because it has good meaning.
#92 to #90 - apatheticdemon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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