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#36 - afreeti
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(11/20/2012) [-]
the most related image i have in my collection
User avatar #74 to #36 - matriculator
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(11/20/2012) [-]
What is it then?
Btw, it says "This here isn't a pipe."
#76 to #74 - afreeti
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(11/20/2012) [-]
that's because it isn't a pipe its just a drawing
a painting by René Magritte from the treachery of images
"The famous pipe. How people reproached me for it! And yet, could you stuff my pipe? No, it's just a representation, is it not? So if I had written on my picture "This is a pipe," I'd have been lying!"
User avatar #81 to #76 - matriculator
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(11/20/2012) [-]
Ohh.. Nice. Thanks dude. I'm currently taking a history course where we discuss different art movements: Dadaism , Cubism, Neo-Classical etc... But I guess that we didn't get here.