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#206 - iFail (11/19/2012) [-]
My sims story (Pic related, it's my sim):
>Be him (Refer to picture)
>Live with slut called Denise
> **** Denise several times
> ************* .jpg
>Cooking needs done
>My sim is in the shower
>Play as Denise
>Check desires:
"To woohoo with 3 other sims!"
>Rage, ******* slut
>She leaves for work, my sim works night shifts
>Invite Brandi round (family friend)
>Start making out, goosing her and ****
>She goes to my bathroom and is sick everywhere, turns out shes pregnant
>Do this for a few days
>One day, my fridge catches fire and she screams so loud that she erupts into flames as well and runs away crying.
>Still trying to woohoo with her, I call her once Denise leaves, she says she wants to bring a friend
> **************** .jpg
>Some old guy shows up
>Invite him to stay over then drown him once Brandi leaves.
>Still want that ****
>I have just opened the sims right now.
Wish me luck, funnyjunk.
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