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#231 - herbolifee
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(11/18/2012) [-]
Mary ****** a man she didn't marry. Back in those days this was a major disgrace. She claimed to still be a virgin, and said God did this to her, thus making her the 'holy virgin' and her son 'the son of God'. As Jesus grew up, he was told that he was the son of god over and over, and he started believing it.

The rest, you guys can fill in yourself.

inb4 whining about how wrong I am
#255 to #231 - fourtwentt
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(11/18/2012) [-]
but they wouldnt write something thats not true...would they?

on a serious note, i have thought about it, but now consider this:
its been 2000+ years since the 'holy ***** but no one has since definitively disproved (or proved for that matter) that a god really exists. take away 1500 years for 'free thought development' and youre still left with 500+years and no one has disproved god. my point is at some point, someone, somewhere had to figure out the truth, statistically.

if it happens again we have the internet, but the christfags argument will be the same, its written in the book so it has to be true (refer to line 1)
#258 to #255 - noblexfenrir
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#236 to #231 - thexxtalonxx
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(11/18/2012) [-]
90% probability of truth.