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User avatar #15 - ninjask
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(11/17/2012) [-]
Lil' Jon could be replaced by Ill Bill

"My uncle shoots heroin, my father used to do cocaine
My moms used to smoke weed with her friends when I was eight
Smoked weed when I was twelve, sold weed at fourteen
Bombing for peace is like ******* for virginity
Conscious rap is ********, gangster rap is a fraud
This is real rap, bang your ******* head through the wall
This is drug music, stuck with a syringe in your arm
I'm the truth like the name of the song
Yo my uncle shoots heroin"

Wiz Khalifa could be replaced by Hopsin

"When the sun's down
Nocturnal rainbows soar in the air so high
It may seem so that I can't see
But the darkness provides the light for me
I don't wanna be lonely
And the moon is my only homie
If there's a higher power then show me
Instead of nocturnal rainbows"

Rap isn't dead yet.
#16 to #15 - jedimindtrick
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