Warning: Maximum Feel Overload. watch this gif 7rl.in/sexygoro while playing this epic piece 7rl.in/Metallica. Just got a call from an old schoolmate, a few yea Warning: Maximum Feel Overload watch this gif 7rl in/sexygoro while playing epic piece in/Metallica Just got a call from an old schoolmate few yea
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Warning: Maximum Feel Overload

Warning: Maximum Feel Overload. watch this gif 7rl.in/sexygoro while playing this epic piece 7rl.in/Metallica. Just got a call from an old schoolmate, a few yea

watch this gif 7rl.in/sexygoro while playing this epic piece 7rl.in/Metallica

Just got a call from an old schoolmate, a few years older than me, had his life ruined by a woman.
Iwas wondering where he went, i hadn' t talk to him in years, and today I found out why..
He was dating a woman, she cheated on him, he broke up with her, that is where it should have ended.
But she conspired with a female mend of hers, and came up with a plan. She doused her car in gas, set her own car on fire, and got
her female friend to say that she saw my buddy doing it.
He spent 3 months in jail, got a soo yard restraining order put on him to stay away from her. Because of this, he had to move out of
the apartment complex they both lived in, had to quit his job, and had to drop out the university they both go to (he was on a mil ride
The courts didn' t give a ahit about his air tight alibi the night she set her own car on fire., because the judge was struck with "save the
damsel in distress" syndrome as soon as the stupid bish started to shed crocodile tears in court. A woman was crying, so the man had
to be guilty.
You think that would be enough, that that revenge would satisfy her hunger, but you would be wrong.
He got his life back together, moved to a town five hours away from the city all the initial bull'"'""'" happened in. He finished his degree
in school, Got a decent job, lost a ton of weight, even fought through a period of brain cancer and survived. He was a symbol of
overcoming the odds, of perseverance. He even found another girl he was really fond of, and he was engaged to be married.
Then the original bish moved onto his town, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?. She sent some old dirty photos to his , called his
house multiple times from multiple numbers using different voices, all saying that my buddy was sleeping with her, she probably had
some of her friends in on it. The fiancee broke up with him, thinking the worst.
The fiancee was carrying his child and he knew it, and after some convincing, she got back together with him an he was able to
convince her of the truth, that his crazy ex was playing games. Things were good for a long while, the crazy ex kept on trying things to
break them up, but the fiancee wasnt falling for it. They had the baby, and raised it happily as a family.
The crazy ex then pulled out the last trick in her book, she followed him around town in her car, and was able to cut him off when he
went into a back alley, she stopped in a place where he would not be able to back up from. He didnt think anything of it, just a rude
driver cutting him off on his way down the back alley He didn' t know it was her, he had no clue, he thought the car died, and he saw
the driver talking on a phone from behind the tinted glass. He went up and knocked on the window to see if he could do anything, and
was surprised as fuk to find out it was his ex.
She said something to the effect of "You are fuked now, on the phone with the cops right now“, He started to walk back down the
back alley, he called his brother to come pick up the car because of the restraining order. But it was too late, the cops showed up, and
arrested him. She told the Cops he had been following her all day. because of that, his restraining order was extended to the entire
Province of Saskatchewan. His fiancee thought the arrest reasoning was true, and broke up with him. She then went on ta get mil
custody of the child.
He family, job,, and child are all in Saskatchewan, out of his reach. His parents want nothing to do with him, because they buy into the
crying ex bullshit as well. and now he is alone on Christmas, calling a my, a guy he hardly ever hung out with, because he has nothing
else. She took it all away from him.
Ive since called a few other people that were around him at the times of these events, just to make sure he isn' t feeding me a Bullshit
sob story. Everything checks out.
f am officially out of the Christmas mood, I am so ficking angry right now..."
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