beat a mother fucker with another mofo. . Teenager Post # 7841 Perm s voldemorts face IS at because he ran into the. wrong wall at the train station.. nice title
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nice title
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**** you! was going to use that.
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Don't worry, you got the thumbs you deserve...
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I've always wondered, is Voldemort a virgin?

Obviously there's no mention of anything of the sort in the book, but let's discuss possibilities, he's obviously not your usual bloke, but maybe he's had sex with some of his Death Eaters, which are pretty much servants, Bellatrix springs to mind, but she's married.
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he was raped as a child in the orphanage he grew up in, or rather that was heavily implied by jkr.
User avatar #6 to #5 - xkmarcus (11/16/2012) [-]
How was it implied?
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Maybe he has aspergers?
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im sure he's probably raped or seduced a few people
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I'm assuming Voldy-Pie never had sex because, being the product of a love potion, he could never love. Which could possibly imply he would never have feelings for another in that way, meaning no sex. At least that's my guess.
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plot twist... Voldemort is really Harry Potters dad
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Plot twist #2: Not only is he harry's dad, but he is Harry himself.
User avatar #14 to #12 - colintiernan [OP](11/16/2012) [-]
Plot Twist: Snape is in love with Harry's dad
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Plot Twist: Snape is Voldemort who is also Harry's dad.
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Plot twist: It turns out Bruce Willis was dead the whole time
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Thabk you for the spoiler asshole
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I would think he's asexual, honestly. Bellatrix adored him, obsessed over him, and yet he ignored all of her advances and rather promiscuous attire. Her husband would have allowed her to sleep with the Dark Lord, he probably would have thought it was an honor He wanted his wife (many real cults have this mentality), so I don't think the fact she's married would have mattered.

His physical changes likely left him unable to have sex. He would also probably rather have spent his energy ridding the world of muggles, rather than sleeping with his servants. One could also argue he might refuse himself sex due to the fact he himself is a half-blood, and wouldn't want to risk fathering a child with muggle ancestry. You could also speculate that due to the fact he was conceived under the effects of a love potion, which means he will never have the ability to love, he lacks the passion for sex.

Just a Potterhead's perspective. I'm not saying I'm right or whatnot, this is just what I've come to conclude, as I've thought about this myself, lol.
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get this cancer out of my face
get this cancer out of my face
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Nobody nose.
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How can you walk into the wrong wall?? Since when is there a "right" wall to walk into?? o.O
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Obviously don't know much about Harry Potter now do you?
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>teenager posts

Please, get this cancer out of here
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How....did this **** get so many thumbs?
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'Teenager Post #7841'? Please, enlighten me more with valiant tales of how you are the cleverest/funniest/most important person on the planet.
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