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#104 - kingpongthedon
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Personal story: My parents owned there own business. They made good money and we all lived comfortably. One day, my mom notices a weird growth in her breast. She goes to the doctor and they say not to worry about it, she's too young to get cancer, it's probably a cyst or something. So she doesn't worry about it. Next year, she still has the lump, doctors say the same thing. Next year she goes to the doctor and, total shocker, she has stage 4 breast cancer. Next thing we know, we're drowning in bills, as insurance refuses to pay for treatment. My mom is out of commission for over a year and my dad spends his time looking after her, rarely working as he has to make sure she gets to her constant appointments. All income goes away. Now for added effect, it's 2008 and we just had a financial collapse.

At this point, I was almost seventeen and seriously considering dropping out of school. Not because I wanted to, I was an A student, but because my family literally could not afford to keep me out of the workforce. However, we got government assistance. To get full benefits, I had to stay in school. And that's how it would stay until I graduated high school. But then what? Well, fortunately I was able to stay focused on my education and maintain a 4+ GPA and get a ton of scholarship money. But it was still only about 3/4 of tuition, and there doesn't seem to be any school who will take 3/4 tuition. Fortunately the government stepped in again and since we were below that line, they subsidized my education again allowing me to get into one of the top schools in the Southeast, where I'm doing quite well.

Realistically, without government assistance, I'd be dealing coke right now. It's easy money and a lot of it. Plus I already knew most of the dealers in my town and could get started in hours. At least until I got caught and go to prison where I cost even more to support.

Most people's story is much closer to this than a new source for rims.