Graffiti Stairs Illusion. .. thats scary dawg Paint Graffiti
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Graffiti Stairs Illusion

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Submitted: 08/28/2007
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#113 - anonymous (07/30/2009) [-]
heyhey, pretty neat! i love looking at it normally and seeing stairs and then looking at it to see how it really is and going back and forth...forces your brain to cross over from left to right, pretty cool -^^- incidentally, so does drawing a figure 8 over and over, so if you're having trouble concentrating before a test, do that! :D
#112 - anonymous (05/29/2009) [-]
Cleaver. Illegal, but cleaver.
#102 - anonymous (01/10/2008) [-]
I just adore this graffiti work!! It is stunning! My brain simply can't tell that it is an illusion. No matter how hard or long I look at it, it remains real "stairs". Thank you to the artist for such a visual treat! Congratulations!!
#101 - anonymous (01/08/2008) [-]
#91 - anonymous (11/10/2007) [-]
this is a well good illusion
#81 - anonymous (10/11/2007) [-]
that is so fake......all they did was get a picture of a wall in a train station and make some graphics on the picture. my god u guys that is not funny or real.....u stink
#80 - anonymous (10/09/2007) [-]
i suck big fat juicy squishy cock and my mum says im so dumb
#70 - anonymous (09/23/2007) [-]
Why don't people just put comments for the picture,and stop throwing sucky-assed crack dealer insults to each other you pompus sons of whores!...hey, whatdaya know, it is kinda fun!
#69 - anonymous (09/18/2007) [-]
#59 - anonymous (09/02/2007) [-]
yea ur right by i can do wut da hell iwant, you good, whats ur asl hunni? oh yea, its good for once =P
#49 - anonymous (09/01/2007) [-]
this thing is soooo awsome
#48 - anonymous (09/01/2007) [-]
that picture kicked ass
#38 - anonymous (08/30/2007) [-]
You people that complain about old pictures need to learn something. Everything on the internet is second hand. Oh, and, to the poster known as, da hell, stop making 12 year old threats on the internet, it's really sad.
#37 - anonymous (08/30/2007) [-]
its a sticker look at the tile greaves trust me
#28 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
#27 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
this pic is so old....
#17 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
wow so fukin awsum but it looks 2 true almost like it was photoshopped......
#16 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
That looks pretty good, almost as if it were photoshopped...
#6 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
do i can do that and this little boy next to me can do 8years old
#5 - anonymous (08/27/2007) [-]
5th mother ******
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