RPG beats REM. OR... you can just stay up and draw comics heeh. RPG! funny comic REMsleep RPG
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User avatar #6 - sunice (11/18/2012) [-]
Haven't been on this site lately and even when I am most of the stuff on here is just not that great but I find your content to be entertaining, at least much better than most stuff on here, do you host your comics anywhere else?
User avatar #7 to #6 - tardaasa [OP](11/18/2012) [-]
Really glad to hear it. You can read them all on here tardaasa.thecomicseries.com/ or on my facebook page :)
User avatar #10 to #7 - sunice (11/18/2012) [-]
That actually makes things much easier thank you
User avatar #5 - nephtus (11/14/2012) [-]
i feel like you summarized 5 years of my life o.o
too bad i can't thumb you more than 5 times, but please, keep up the good work :P
User avatar #8 to #5 - tardaasa [OP](11/18/2012) [-]
Thanks a lot. Yep, 5 of mine too XD
#4 - amuter ONLINE (11/14/2012) [-]
Isn't it just better to just look at porn and mastrubate and then go back to sleep? It helps calming down my mind at least
User avatar #9 to #4 - tardaasa [OP](11/18/2012) [-]
The masturbating thing works better for guys than for girls :/
User avatar #2 - nothingatall (11/14/2012) [-]
But I can't draw worth a **** , and all my MMORPGs are bad atm, tiem for KoTOR!
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