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#61 - Fgner
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Okay, let's discuss this realistically. For a zombie outbreak to occur, it would require the transmission of a virus, bacteria, or fungal infection. Now, in order for this outbreak to gain any momentum, the infection would have to spread rapidly.
The first option for such explosive growth is a dormant bacterial infection (as bacterial infections are virtually always contact based). The bacteria would lie dormant until death, where it would assume control. It could spread throughout half the planet before the first activation occured, and by then it would be to late to isolate it. However, bacteria are often very easy to kill, so the elimination of the infection could be as simple as some sanitizer bombs and antibacterial pills.
The second option is an airborn fungal infection. This infection would be similar to the ant mind control fungus, that assumes control of it's host by hijacking the nervous system. Fungi also tend to grow and divide rapidly. However, fungi have a nasty habit of killing their host themselves and have rather short lifetimes. So this must be ruled out.
The third option is an airborn viral infection. This infection would splice the genes of it's unfortunate victim, similar to the Chimera virus in Resistance. Viruses are so tiny, that filters from gas masks would most likely not even prevent the infection. Therefore, no way could possibly prevent the infection of anyone downwind of any viral outbreak. Also, because it works on a genetic level, and viruses can mutate much more rapidly than any other organism (well, they aren't living, so they aren't really organisms), they could assume an adapt and survive method unbelievably fast. By modifying the way the host breeds, grows, etc. the gene could make it's host virtually indestructable (numerous hearts, turn the entire body into one big brain, grow plates of armor, etc) This is the most likely event. CONTINUED
#63 to #61 - Fgner
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But, looking at the requirements of this virus and it's ability to mutate the body and adapt to it's environment, as well as the rate of infection being so high, nothing could stop it. No humans could be sent in, as it bypasses all filters, no bombs could destroy it, as it would only cause forces that spread the virus even further, and viruses can lay dormant for virtually forever, ensuring future outbreaks no matter what humans do to clean it. We would be ****** no matter what the moment the first virus came out.
#104 to #63 - Ruspanic
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(11/12/2012) [-]
User avatar #117 to #104 - Fgner
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You are right. If self-replicating nanotechnology were to come out and machines gain enough sentience and decide to become the rulers, the power of the cognitive functions would be total dictators as to the victor. However, if the machines were really that far ahead and humanity was too stupid to augment themselves past the machines, the machines deserve to become the primary race. After all, they would be clearly superior, and because of their ability to feel emotions and make cognitive thought, they would have souls just like humans.