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#110 - thecrazyonedf
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here's what I think would be required for the zombie apocalypse to succeed.

1. it would have to be dormant in at least 30-40% of the earth's population and activate at the same time, the military is simply too strong for zombies, so they would have to attack them from the inside. them and the rest of the world.

2. they would have to be like resident evil's T-virus, otherwise, they would all lose their legs in a year and their arms in a few months, then we'd just have a bunch of zombie worms squirming around everywhere. because every time you DO anything, you damage your muscles slightly. this is why you become sore after working out. the T-virus regenerated damage.

3. remember that 40% most of that would have to be military AND some of the people who would actually know what to do in the zombie apocalypse, or else the scramble for supplies would cause many of us to kill each other just by depleting resources found in walmart.

there are more, but these are 3 big ones.