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User avatar #61 - wirecred (11/06/2012) [-]
try to tell that to the people in **** !
User avatar #65 to #61 - karlthemarxist **User deleted account** (11/06/2012) [-]
I tried that once and it turns out there are a lot of users that have such low standards that they actually find that attractive. Its a shame really.
User avatar #70 to #65 - NolanNasty (11/06/2012) [-]
YES curves are bad, all girls must have the body of a 12year old boy with big boobs

Why don't i have a girlfriend?

^you people.
User avatar #71 to #70 - heartlessrobot (11/06/2012) [-]
Maybe it's because 12 year old boys have sexy bodies.
User avatar #73 to #71 - NolanNasty (11/06/2012) [-]
you should know i guess.
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