Gymnasty. Poor tiger, having to bum a man.... it CIRCUS - lot was in hospital laet night after being anally raped by a randy Bengal ti er. a liok of hair Lars c emag eht
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Poor tiger, having to bum a man...

Tags: emag | eht
lot was in hospital laet
night after being anally
raped by a randy Bengal
ti er.
a liok of hair Lars
circus, haerd in Seoul;
South Korea, wee pram
thing when he bounced
too high and landed in
the tigers' cage.
amid: "We all
thought that he would
be eaten, but
was attacked from he-
I hand_ the tiger.
Lo Holt of the Korean
Committee Against Ani-
mal Cruelty said: "if
people are going to
abuse . n by
putting than
they should 'it. be
dafuq did i just read
There is as ninja Ismay hm you can' t on late
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User avatar #1 - shitshitshit (11/01/2012) [+] (1 reply)
I think the tiger knew what it was doing, i dont mean like, but ******* a guy, but i think it knew that this would hurt the dude more than eating him would, it knew that every time he saw a tiger or large feline, that he would remember the tiger, how it destroyed his life, about how now he has to wear a diaper because his ravaged anus cant hold back the fecal matter anymore, and because of that he cant be a gymnast because he will fling **** every were. the tiger knows that he will be punished for what he did, but he dose not care, he punished one of his captors, he sent a message, a message that eating him would not have sent, saying that I am aware of my surroundings, that i recognize you, and the power that you hold over me, and i hate you for it, and i will make you pay for it, i will not kill you, because you will only remember for an instant, a few at most, then you will be gone, which is to good for you, no i will violate your nether regions, your masculinity, i will leave a mark on you physically and mentally, i will destroy your life with one action, i will make you suffer for the rest of your life, i will make you remember me, and people will remember me thou you, that is the message the tiger sent, it didn't need to draw blood to make a point, it made its point by letting him survive, by sending him to the hospital, by letting the world see the ravaged body of the broken minded man, that is how the tiger pushed back against his captors.
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