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#118 - needmoreram
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(11/02/2012) [-]
Hi there, do you need more ram. Well, you can download more here.
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Its totally legit ask my clients

Jeff aged 12:
I downloaded more ram now i can tell
people i have slept with their mums faster

Stacy aged 11:
After i downloaded more ram, a nice man spoke to me over the internet
He's getting me candy

Ever since i was on that cross
My dream for everyone was that they could get more ram.
My dream is now fulfilled
#125 to #118 - Umbranaught
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(11/02/2012) [-]
#123 to #118 - anon id: 6d551b4a
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(11/02/2012) [-]
needmoreram aged 10:
Why download more ram when I can stuff my holes with penis?