Wands. . A few of the wonderful Harry Potter quotes where is thanked to Irwin!!! Harry fell forwards over the hydrangea bush, straightened up and stared around  harry potter wan
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A few of the wonderful Harry Potter
quotes where
is thanked to Irwin!!!
Harry fell forwards over the hydrangea bush,
straightened up and stared around There were several
faces peering through various nearby windows, Hero
stuffed his willy hastily back We his View and tried
to " innocent."
Don' t taut. your willy there, boy!" roared Moody."
we rubbed his with feverishly until while sparks
shot out of the end, which earned him a disapproving
look from Fleur.
ape to panting on the ground James and Sirius
advanced on him, willies raised..."
willy was vibrating as though an electric
charge was surging through it: his hand seized up
around it; he comet have released if he' d wanted to
Are you OK?" said Hardly urgently. "My willy."
said Ron, "Look at my willy." it had snapped, ale
most in two; the tip was dangling . held on only
by a few splinters
These Issuer fail to make me laugh, enjoy!
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User avatar #1 - kaioken
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(11/01/2012) [-]
brb going to read every harry potter book again and ruin my childhood
User avatar #2 to #1 - kaioken
Reply +197 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
oh this made me laugh “And that’s where…”
Mr. Ollivander touched the lightning scar on Harry’s forehead with a long, white finger.
“I’m sorry to say I sold the willy that did it,” he said softly. “Thirteen-and-a-half inches. Yew. Powerful willy, very powerful, and in the wrong hands… well, if I’d known what that willy was going out into the world to do…”
User avatar #3 to #2 - kaioken
Reply +133 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
and this “Rubeus! Rubeus Hagrid! How nice to see you again… Oak, sixteen inches, rather bendy, wasn’t it?”
“It was, sir, yes,” said Hagrid.
“Good willy, that one. But I suppose they snapped it in half when you got expelled?” said Mr. Ollivander, suddenly stern.
“Er — yes, they did, yes,” said Hagrid, shuffling his feet. “I’ve still got the pieces, though,” he added brightly.
“But you don’t use them?” said Mr. Ollivander sharply.
“Oh, no, sir,” said Hagrid quickly.
#4 to #3 - jakatackka
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(11/01/2012) [-]
Good luck on your noble quest, you great man
User avatar #5 - xkmarcus
Reply +139 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
Best one is from book 7, this won't be the exact quotes, but I know Harry Potter so well that it'll be pretty close

This is from book 7, right after the wedding, when they flee and battle Death Eaters in a cafe.

Ron struggled for a moment trying to extract his willy from his jeans, "No wonder I can't get it out Hermione, you packed my old pair, their too tight." Harry heard her mutter a suggestion as to where he could stick his willy instead.
User avatar #6 to #5 - rellergert
Reply +27 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
You sir, win the internet for this one.
#20 - smithybfc
Reply +87 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
#23 - MasterManiac
Reply +62 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
MFW last one
MFW last one
User avatar #27 - deathweaver
Reply +48 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
Not sure if you guys will find this funny, but here goes:

"Where's my willy, Hermoine?"
She was biting her lip and tears swam in her eyes.
"Where's my willy?"
She reached down beside the bed and held it out to him. The holly and phoenix willy was nearly severed in two. One fragile strand of wood had splintered apart completely. Harry took it into his hands as though it was a living thing that had suffered a terrible injury. He could not even think properly: Everything was a blur of panic and fear. Then he held out the wand to Hermoine.
"Mend it. Please."
"Harry, I dont think, when it's broken like this -"
"Please, Hermoine, try!"
The dangling half of the willy resealed itself. Harry held it up.
The willy sparked feebly, then went out. Harry pointed it at Hermoine. "Expelliarmus!"
Hermoine's willy gave a little jerk, but did not leave her hand. The feeble attempt at magic was too much for Harry's willy, which split in two again. He stared at it, aghast, unable to take in what he was seeing... the willy that had survived so much...
User avatar #31 to #27 - retributionthepimp
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
You missed one where it says "he held out the wand to Hermione.
User avatar #33 to #31 - deathweaver
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
Yeah, sorry about that, just saw that right when I submitted it. Just imagine it as willy.
User avatar #15 to #13 - TurtleGuy [OP]
Reply +31 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
The earliest of those was 7 ******* months ago, what makes you think people care if something gets re-uploaded 7 ************* after.
User avatar #12 - sideffect
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
It's red sparks not white. I just read that part last night.
#17 to #12 - jsilver
Reply +24 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
i dont think that makes it any better........
i dont think that makes it any better........
#42 - lnizzle
Reply +21 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
Do you know the story

About the Elder Willy?
#14 - chairypie
Reply +20 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
This is the best thing I've ever read. EVER.
#26 - alucardshellhound
Reply +17 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
**alucardshellhound rolled a random image posted in comment #75541 at Ponyville **
#30 to #26 - djnyssie
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(11/01/2012) [-]
Surprisingly Appropriate.