Yahoo Fails. . Undecided Question W " another ' E Showering with real hot water, can that get your skin tone darker? And ls you shoveing with cold water make yo Yahoo answer fail
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Yahoo Fails

Undecided Question W " another '
E Showering with real hot water, can that get your skin
tone darker?
And ls you shoveing with cold water make your Eihter?
2 months we
Ad rial Details
l mean calm
2 months no
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J Resolved Question Yahooanswerfail. Com '
Does have pork in it?
Mane 2 months no
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Resolved Question Yahooanswerfail. Com
12 my boyfrend wont belive pregnants
l really haves baby and last my ls georgia leave me and already
pregnant buyt he wont heme I really am because my belly ls to small lined eating
alot gain vegetto look more prettiest but he sell wont behave me are there any
plus I can take to make my baby grow faster and do they sell them at wallchan
open Question yahooanswerfail. com
tit What part of India does Indie music come from? can
Lre,,, ama' only Indians play 7
4 hows madden‘ we answer
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open Question Show me miner e
E How to become a mermaid?
Deutsch& Please do not answer Wynn want to mock me lined many spells and they havent
worked anyone got any Inned the one We a man times help?
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Yahooanswerfail. Com
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sewers ll -30 arm Sho
inn not snacking you, but there really rm any good enhance to show that people can
change usmc" spells l’
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El How do I reduce the tongue swelling?
l stole Helaine's Dams pump and put It In my mouth to see My a
few Dumps got stuck In there anal ll out its been hours
and ls my swollen and extremely purple How eel reduce the swellings
2 marlin: no
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a. Forget new ll WWW became alright
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toss salad, amine go
l asked!/ our mother
Term . Igu
Open Question Show his another '
SERIOUS QUESITON!! Have you ever been abducted
by Grey aliens?
What are they ea sound ma what ea lemmas look
we 01 experiments kleiner ea en yum
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a interesting v 'Merna Osee'
Open Question .
When I have my First period?
Sam lam IT have not nae 'rehost" period" nae new when we
Takes Imam?‘/ 7
Open Question Shaw me amine! ,
is there any miley cyrus #1 fan quizes?
Mikey Cyrus I already KNOW that I am Willey cyrus’ s but I want people to know Mat;
t we am new so Wynn mine give me a can mill, i will we my resews on harely; D
2 minutes an _ : one we Ity answar
in mom was
Yahooanswerfail. Cam
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