Japanese Trolling. . original ad: I need someone who spasm " to trap me translate something. wont we too long. please email me ASAP! HI! than need Japanese unsu translators Have more fun
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Japanese Trolling

original ad:
I need someone who spasm " to trap me translate something. wont
we too long. please email me ASAP!
HI! than need Japanese unsure? I Chan, I mom with translate.
e Chan
From Icon --m to Me.
hey man. so on items the neat. my no player suddenly stopped working and team
Anre out witty. for saute reason the only manual I have is entirely in japanesse i
moka ple attire page tin pretty we " me trouble 3110011119 pan. can you see it I
says anything about no sauna coming output‘?
From up to soon -.
on ulna three Ming may help you:
more from Device"
or also tor poor sound"
sauna volume powdery much"
e Chan
From soon - to :
umm.. whtat does it say tor me tenure at sound one?
Hello ind than you tor arose glorious master on player! Apologies mentor
trouble or product To CA failure onus sauna. lotion step:
t. Unplug glorious master on player
2. Mug glorious master CD player back In"
I nope nits new
From Sum - to MD
that help me at all. is mat all , says?
From Me to "ott "*2
on not very sorry There more steps to help you! new
will experience failure outta sound. wot glorious master on player possessed
by audio demon " banish audio demon, mow step:
t. ignite seven candle
2. Pray to Bennie", Goddess or Must
3, will patron audio demon to eternal latterlig
4, Try may on again
it you tail banishing at audio (lemom, you mute. Much name
suggest Immediate death by Nippuhl."
I hope you Danish audio demon! Much luck.
From Mott - tn Me.
tint? was it realty my than
trust translate tomat you give.
From soon - to win:
no may it says mat. what kind or useless manual is this? new is mat supposed to
new anyone’!
From Me to Mott -.
very softy, audio demon our problem with many on player! I have swam, much
sharp, good tor seppuku. You Want mm
From - CD Me.
more you toning about an audio demon? this is as are you screwing with -
From soon - to one
GIG i send the wrong page? I mink trite is the table . can you look at INS
and tell me union page is the one? then B semi you that one
That no table , that sushi widout menu! Try #16, spicy salmon R/ all
Much . r
From Scott - to Me:
n may. (hauls tor mining you Jackass
Later, from another email account
Hey mere.
I saw your an and think loan Help you motored in Japanese in college, speak ,
linearly. and lived in Miyazaki forms: years.
From Scott N‘ to Me.
thanks so much mine. I was muting to someone else tor help, out = what his
modem was, dude kept sending me all this as anyway my ad player ISM wag
and the manual is only in Japanese so i need Help reading the
part I inner the attached picture is the more , could you see " says
timer page the part is on and men I and you man
From mete soon -.
You sent me a sushi takeout menu. Are you sure you have the tight
Front soon “F to Me;
will i amt know what is going out it has a picture ofthe on player on the trout
and men this is the next page my would they put a Sushi menu in there?
From up to soon
Japanese instruction manuals are not like me American manuals you are used to.
They often Include . and I guess in this case, a sushi menu.
Looking at , closer, it says ‘Thank you tar we grams master on
player. wiry not order sushi Mile you enjoy musica
From Sunni op Mo
well that is dumb .whalelord. i page is me troubleshooting pan because
attire tatas. am I um? do you see anything attain mere not helm: any sound?
From In to soon W“:
yes. this is the page, It says to unplug it and my it back in
From soon - to MI:
yea I did mat. nothing. is that in
From Me to 900 "m":
Well, you're not gonna want to hear lthis, hulla says your on player is possessed
try , or would demon." val shame light three candles and pray to
the god at music.
From Me tta Mott """e
Scam Were you we to banish the audio demon?
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Why? Was your mommy not there to read it to you?
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no anon i am just a lazy slob who needed to explain to the uploader of this content that i was too lazy to read it.
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You may be lazy, but at least you're honest about it.