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Obama had eight years of **** and four years to fix it. You can't fix all this crap in such short a time, especially after a waste of breath like Bush Jr was put into the White House. I believe he's honestly trying his best, but we're not even giving him a chance because we're used to having everything given to us on a ******* silver platter. And even then we still aren't happy.
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Something I'd like to point out about that video real quick is the fact the guy is complaining about Obama playing a lot of golf.

Okay, so the man wants to relax a bit. I realize he said he wouldn't rest, but he's a human being, not a God. He needs time to relax so that he can get his mind straightened out. What we need to realize is that he needs more support and a better chance than what he is being given. After all, Congress isn't helping him. And I know you're going to try and tell me that he can do this when he fixes things, but please think about it for a moment.

Since Washington was elected as the first President, many kinds of renovations have been made to the White House because if the President is too overcome by his work then he can't do anything. You need to give the man a break once in awhile. Let him play golf, or pool, or something. Be with his family. Whatever it takes to get his brain back on track.
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Well, he's had a break, and four years. If 100 rounds of golf isn't enough to clear his mind then I don't know what is.
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That number is most likely exaggerated. It's called yellow journalism. They take a true story and exaggerate it so that people will believe it's true.

And I already just said that he has only had four years to fix eight years worth of damage with almost no back up. How about we appreciate the good he's done instead of looking at the smallest little mistakes he's made as if they were going to bring about the Rapture?
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Okay, Bush gets the blame for what Obama has failed to fix, so why doesn't Clinton get the blame for what Bush failed to fix? Clinton started the "Iraqi Freedom" bs in Iraq and had plenty of over spending. Obama has increased the deficit more in 4 years than Bush did in 8. Giving him more time wont fix that 5 trillion he's already lost, and it's definitely not going to "halve" the total deficit, like he said he would. I don't feel like letting the economy sink further giving him "more time." He failed miserably at what he said he was going to do. I don't owe him anymore time.
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by the way, it's 2 am on my end so I'm gonna go to bed. But I will be willing to continue this discussion tomorrow. in any case, have a good night.
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Okay then. Enlighten me. I wanna know what you think Romney's gonna do to magically fix all this.

Because from my perspective, he's only interested in screwing over anyone that doesn't make enough to live in a small mansion.
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But perception isn't reality.

He wants to cut everyone's tax rates by 20%, which is a key feature of his $5 trillion tax reform plan. Romney also says he will pay for his plan through a combination of economic growth and curbs on tax breaks that high-income filers enjoy.

At the same time, he promises to offer tax relief to the middle class and to not raise investment tax rates on high-income households.

He'd balance the budget in eight years. He would do so by cutting spending, but spare defense, which accounts for about 20% of the federal budget.

Romney's proposals to reform Medicare and Social Security potentially could help in this effort. But savings from his proposals are unlikely to kick in quickly since he has said he would protect those near retirement from any changes.

Bottom line: Romney is plans to pay for $6.34 trillion of new tax cuts and spending increases, then eliminate deficits within a decade. No ******** claims that hes going to halve it in for years and swear he'll bring change. What Obama is doing isn't working. 4 more years isn't going to change that.

And I haven't heard anything about mansions.
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