desc.. this is not for thumbs.i made this account specifically for this reason. today funnyjunk and tinychat / funnyjunkies has lost someone. A bea Esma read desc this is not for thumbs i made account specifically reason today funnyjunk and tinychat / funnyjunkies has lost someone A bea
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this is not for thumbs.i made this account specifically for this reason. today funnyjunk and tinychat / funnyjunkies has lost someone. A beautiful girl who will be greatly of our own. She joined the chat and was even a moderator in there. She became great friends with people there. And she had people there who didnt like her so much. either way she was apart of our dysfunctional funnyjunk family. And we loved her. This is Esma.may she now rest in peace

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#1 - panduhber **User deleted account**
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User avatar #9 - vortexicon
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(10/24/2012) [-]
i only knew Esma through Tinychat / funnyjunkies , but she made my life a little brighter being in it, she would cheer me up when i felt **** and i would try to do the same, she was a damn good friend and i'm going to miss her a *******, R.I.P ultimatepwr
#8 - anon id: e8c36ac7
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(10/24/2012) [-]
Esma loved the everyone she met on funny junk so ******* much, she told me stories about you fags every day. She probably would have laughed at even the rudest comments on this picture. RIP ESMA QUEEN OF FUNNYJUNK I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY
User avatar #10 to #8 - joejigsaw
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(10/24/2012) [-]
As one of those tinychat friends (and probably the butt of many of those stories) I can vouch for most of us when I say that your comment, and comment 7 made us happy that we were able to be good enough friends online that it overflowed into her real life.
#21 - jorgek
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(10/24/2012) [-]
this was a month ago, and i really dont like that this post was made on funnyjunk, because its neither funny nor junk
the last thing i told her is that she should study, im going to sleep, and that i missed talking to her.
i already gave my whole rememberence to those that she'd talk to, but some things i left out that i keep remembering is the "tanks dood" that caught on, which will be engraved on my newipod, but also she'd taught herself how to do tarot readings, and did mine (it was all about you, ks, which whom we then talked about) and that her favorite color was green
she'd change her font color to green because i'd always say "green is not a creative color" from the "don't hug me im scared" video, and to poke fun because im red-green colorblind,
i'd put her tumblr here, but like, thats not cool, like this post even telling people that didnt know her. i'd deleted my tumblr so i didn't see this until after, but it says a lot about what happened. "living on the 14th floor is so triggering tbh"
which brings me to the last thing; she lived on the 13th floor, but i even remember she telling me that the building skipped the number because of superstition, and it highly sucks now, because she's dead, and that hits like a train. rest in peace, dood.
User avatar #12 - satrenkotheone
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(10/24/2012) [-]
One Question:

What happened to her?
#26 - anon id: 578f8236
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(10/27/2012) [-]
HELLO FRIENDS, I AM COMMENT NUMBER 7 AND I WOULD LIKE TO LET YOU ALL KNOW.. THAT ULTIMATEPWR IS MY USERNAME ON ALL SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES.... and I just found out she used it on this site... and I feel so honoured it was good enough for her to use. That is all. Keep trolling, I know emsa would have wanted it that way.
#25 - anon id: e164a450
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(10/25/2012) [-]
Why would she do this? Someone please. One of you. She had to be close enough to one of you that she told everything to. Someone must know something. Please.
#29 to #25 - anon id: 185406c4
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(02/07/2013) [-]
I'm her cousin. closest one. She left because she just got in a trap of depression. her culture, her family were pressuring her. she couldnt accept herself in the mirror. she hated her beautiful face that everyone loved. depression kills. I miss her and havent been really livng since she's been gone. she always told me about her funny junk friends and funny they were.
#7 - anon id: 578f8236
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(10/24/2012) [-]
Dear person who made this, I am one of esmas real life troll friends . She tried so many times to get me to join some of your tinychats and like become one with funnyjunk, probs sounds stupid but you have no idea how much she appreciated you guys and this site. Rip Esma, the funnyjunk queen.
#6 - anon id: 4dc11fab
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(10/23/2012) [-]
#2 - anon id: e2a13b66
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(10/23/2012) [-]
Would **** her.
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