And At Last I See The Light. source: . M ', (ivory in a /ustream, m it C Wee. Never fru@ seeing, s, my fays were Now Me’; a, Ainise in a Mat once, eve/ ity , di MLP Bon bon Lyra tangled

And At Last I See The Light

M ', (ivory in a /ustream, m
it C
Wee. Never fru@ seeing, s, my fays were
Now Me’; a, Ainise in a
Mat once, eve/ ity , different,
Now ' l. Seeyou.
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Submitted: 10/21/2012
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#13 - anon (10/21/2012) [-]
I am fourteen years old, listening to muse " uprising", straight as an arrow, wearing camo pants, i have a buzz cut, and all that manly man stuff. but i had a dream.... once.
User avatar #16 to #13 - Muppetz (10/21/2012) [-]
i dont get it
User avatar #18 to #13 - pixy (10/21/2012) [-]
hahaha! Yes!
#14 to #13 - sonicg (10/21/2012) [-]
I hope you realize the visual I'm getting of you is a young skinhead lol
#1 - furrysheaperd ONLINE (10/21/2012) [-]
User avatar #24 - ravenclawman (10/22/2012) [-]
18 year old straight dude here. Not a brony. Seen a few episodes and it's alright. ******* loved this movie. Don't know why, but I got a little teary eyed at this post. Thank you
#30 to #24 - longpubes (10/24/2012) [-]
what movie was it from?
User avatar #31 to #30 - ravenclawman (10/25/2012) [-]
Tangled. It was a recent disney movie about rapunzel and its awesome
#32 to #31 - longpubes (10/26/2012) [-]
oh wow, how could i have missed that. i saw tangled and yes it was great
#12 - darkjustifier (10/21/2012) [-]
User avatar #2 - derakus (10/21/2012) [-]
I sang that in my head to the Willy Wonka Imagination song tune, don't know why.
#25 - anon (10/22/2012) [-]
Pardon me sirs
but I must infer
that I will not obey
this evil fray
of pony posts which turn males gay
by watching this ****
which throws trolls into fits
because you force this, upon us every day.
User avatar #27 to #25 - grayrhino (10/22/2012) [-]
Anon, for making it all rhyme, I respect you. But please use your skills in rhyme for much more exceptional things! Making a mockery of bronies with pixels on a screen can seem quite effective, but I must conclude that it is not. For what has a pixel done to a person who hath seen many of likeness before? I do perceive that thus words created of pixels were of the hateful sort, but they only degrade ones opinion of those who have said such things. I must ask that you do not just to such conclusions as all bronies are of the homosexual sexuality. Thank you for reading my words.
#7 - electricsheep **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#6 - Animefreake (10/21/2012) [-]
Bonbon: I've been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?
Lyra: It will be.
Bonbon: And what if it is? What do I do then?
Lyra: Well,that's the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.
User avatar #4 - mikelan (10/21/2012) [-]
goddammit this is way too cute.
#33 - longpubes (10/26/2012) [-]
i do truly believe bon bon and lyra are best pony couple, but then again i don't know any other pony couples, anybody know any?
#34 to #33 - wtfbandit [OP](10/26/2012) [-]
There's a lot of them out there. The ones that i know of is:
ApplebloomXFeatherweight, Sweetie BelleXSpike, DerpyXDr.Hooves, ScootalooXPipsqueak, Vinyl ScratchXOctavia Phyharomonica (my favorite couple btw), AppleJackXRainbow Dash...
#28 - dribble (10/22/2012) [-]
That was great, and sorta gave me a feel....
User avatar #20 - Eddythebandkid (10/22/2012) [-]
And then they ******

or something
#10 - allow (10/21/2012) [-]
[url deleted]
This is still one hell of a good picture.
User avatar #11 to #10 - allow (10/21/2012) [-]
youtube . com / watch?v=fKPK6c0mKE0
#8 - tryhardname (10/21/2012) [-]
I can't remember what this is from but feels were still had.
I can't remember what this is from but feels were still had.
User avatar #9 to #8 - scoopdeedoo (10/21/2012) [-]
#15 - zekeon (10/21/2012) [-]
That was a good movie.

What, you wanted a funny comment?

Fine, have this:

Lyra's face when
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