cha cha real smooth. Just some spaghetti... nothing more... really.... gag (16 KB, 480x360) Anonymous (ID: isomer} "IO/ filo/ INS/ , pm [ v] awkward thread? fuc i cum partially
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cha cha real smooth

cha cha real smooth. Just some spaghetti... nothing more... really.... gag (16 KB, 480x360) Anonymous (ID: isomer} "IO/ filo/ INS/ , pm [ v] awkward thread? fuc

Just some spaghetti... nothing more... really...

gag (16 KB, 480x360)
Anonymous (ID: isomer} "IO/ filo/ INS/ , pm [ v]
awkward thread? fuck yeah.
she 15
year of high school
emers ma gamma than a beta - i played a let of but still pursued bitches
shave chemistry class, long tables in re's facing teacher
table in back only sits two people
shy seme crazy twist aflack. i share it with brittany
ashirt, blends. swimmer' s body but inexplicable white girl booty
Hitting in class ens monday, she leeks good as hell in a polo and seme jeans with back pockets
Miiqt a little during class
rafter school, be a little late walking to parking let. see skywalking towards me
we ens else around
es shit. "hey anon, i' ll see ) LI !" with a little as she walks towards me, gees fer a hug
abs grabs me kinda tight around the neck, i men' s my hands below and squeeze her ass in these tight jeans
abs lets out a little mean thats like Ell‘: -fa shock, 40% hot and bothered. at least that' s hew i' II interpret it
Hater that day en AIM
hey anon"
kinda horny haha"
ttry to play it ceed-.." yeah what are Wu wearing?"
seams thing i was wearing earlier, anon
sparse, trying to think of something to say
fuck me, anon"
yeah want mete slapshot ass?"
hahaha bad"
kinda peters out
think fuck it, "so lets gs to a movie brittany"
Eek here' s my number blahblahblah"
Cl Anonymous (ID: llow/ YHO ) 04: 55 pm [v]
l KB, 320x216) bib ems
cool. continued:
enext day, meet her at the theater to see The Ring
nnothing like a scary movie to get a young ostrich plucking the hog feathers
chalking into theater, around the dark corridor to get to seats
sleek up, see it' s completely empty (guess not many people see scary movies on saturday afternoon)
we fer her hand, she grabs mine
ewe walk all the way to back of the theater
rd push hurwitz a little umph up against the wall bythe back row of seats
Her hands around my waist
sshe' s i am, so i pull her hair back a little and start kissing her, fuck yea shes into it
sshe' s wearing a light blue skirt, i grab that ass again while we' re making em
move my hands to the bottom of her skirt, then underneath it, then up her legs to her bare ass
she' s wearing a thong, spin her around 180 so that ass is right up against me, she' s kissing me still but arching her back and grinding up and down
saweet fuckinganons.
pstart rubbing inside of slowly
sshe reaches back and start undoing my jeans, takes me em of my boxers
ppretty soon she' s jerking me off while we got my hands under her skirt
sshe turns back around, pushes me ente the seat, i' m sitting there with my fully erect flag flying
fuck you leek good brittany"
Ede you have a condom?"
ewes not prepared fer that one,
okay, We never done it befire but i want to try em new stuff" (paraphrasing, she says some bullshit like that)
what about a Lapdance? yeu' re obviously a good dancer"
sshe giggles, looking , "yeu' re BAD, anon oh my gem"
on my lap, feel her against my exposed jibbly squabbles
rd grab her around the stomach, start moving her by the hips back and ferth
III Anonymous (ID: llow/ YHO ) 04: 59 pm [
you like that, anon?" as she moves my hands hem her hips up to her tank top, i grab her breasts and start massaging while she' s grating
sshe hikes up skirt so that i can see her ass grinding against me, in a fucking pink thong no less
ffuck it i' m going em of my mind at this point
grab her thighs, start moving her up and down against me faster and faster
youre so hard anon, dent like finish on me though okay?"
okay" fuck that.
tell me when yeu' re close, i' II use my mouth"
ddamn this girl is the dog' s marbles.
an inner shuddering in my grim Metters
fuck brittany i' m close"
sshe gets down on her knees and is jerking me off (i tried to time it so i' d cum on her face right when she' s about to take it in her mouth)
fuck i' m about to blow
M cum Penne
aand a rich but subtle mks sauce fer texture
sshe gets upset
Hm laughing my ass off as hundreds of Penne noodles are sheeting em of my dick
winstead of hitting her face, they start orbiting around her head faster and faster
tthe momentum is too much fer her, she starts quoting Goethe
sshe tries to stand up, but she can' t because my Penne has given her vertigo
sshe begins to soil herself
winstead of poop, she is releasing small clones Engelbert gottfried hem her butthole
tthey march up her spine, ente the top of her head
ffucking hundreds ofthem
tthey off, grabbing Penne needles on their way down in some sort refucked up suicide mission
reach one yelling what i can only assume is fucking dothraki or jewish as they die
vwhat the fuck do i care
tcha cha real smooth
stern it em
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