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#298 - theswagmobile (10/15/2012) [-]
I'm clueless on the character of this Todd girl,

but the FJ community seems consumed on calling her a slut and why humanity sucks just because of this one incident.

She may have been a cock-mongering whore, but I don't see what's wrong with people being humane and care that someone has died. I honestly think any death is tragic, no matter how horrible the person is ... and sure, it may be unfair that this bitch has millions of people sobbing and even putting on a facade, but they're a bunch of individuals that shouldn't even represent humanity (yet you're all accepting them as some kind of ambassador for society). Hell, it even seems like this whole anti-Todd thing is just another shallow bandwagon.

Plus why the **** are you all trying to compare horrible tragedies anyways? Are you that condescending to think you're actually that good of a person not to ******* care? I mean if you don't care, that's fine but if you're making a big deal out of it then something's up with your sorry ass.

No ******* better than those people on Facebook.

And why the hell can't we just do what we usually do and just make ******* jokes that would be considered too-soon outside of the internet? I like those...
User avatar #363 to #298 - jayblue (10/15/2012) [-]
I do agree that death is not something to jeer at. The purpose was to show how petty we are in grieving each individual death. The black girl, who was raped and murdered, was treated with either racist comments or complete nonrecognition. I'm mixed, so the race doesn't really matter, but the white girl had her change and chose death, it was not forced upon her. Once again, I do not think that one is more significant than the other, but someone that abused and mistreated the life she was given.
#349 to #298 - timmywankenobi (10/15/2012) [-]
your my hero.
your my hero.
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